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September 2010
Thursday 30th September 2010

I met Mark Roe and Ewen Murray for breakfast then we headed up to the course to get my credentials.   I met all the team and managed to ask loads of questions.   Ewen showed me around the commentary box then we had a commentators meeting with the rules officials at 9.30am.   I headed out to look at the course with Howard C lark and Richard Boxall.   The course is in magnificient condition but quite wet especially behind the ropes, mind you with 40,000 spectators walking around it's understandable.   The TV compound is quite something but it will hopefully get easier each day to find my way around.

Wednesday 29th September 2010
I dropped the boys at school then headed home to do some putting before flying to Bristol at lunchtime for this week's Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor.  I am down working for Sky Sports in their commentary team which I am really looking forward to. (nervous if I was honest)
Monday 27th September 2010
I was down at Gleneagles early this morning, firstly to see Adam Hunter for a couple of hours and then to watch some of the Junior Ryder Cup, I did some TV and photos promoting the event.   I was hugely impressed with the quality of the golf and the event.
Sunday 26th September 2010
Michael and I hit 100 balls at Pine Lodge first thing this morning then Marian and I went to Pittodrie to watch the Aberdeen Rangers game.   We left at half time as our Foundation Matchplay Finals were on at Fraserburgh.   We also popped into vistit Philip McLean's Dad in Peterhead who is recovering from a big op.   He was looking really well (loved the home baking by the way)   Megan Clyne (Deeside) won the Girl's Matchplay and Scott Murray (Stonehaven) won the boy's.   Well done to everyone who entered and played throughout the year.   Also a big thanks to Fraserburgh Golf Club for hosting us today.
Friday 24th September 2010
Six of us walked through the Lairig Ghru today which goes from Braemar to Aviemore (approx 20 miles)   We left the house at 7.30am to drive to the Lynn of Dee where we left our cars.   We set off walking at 9am and reached Aviemore at 5.30pm.   I have to say it was one of the most unenjoyable days of my life as the weather was absolutely terrible, we had rain which turned to hale and then to snow and of course a gale was blowing!!!  and the boulder field at the Pools of Dee will never be forgotten, if I never see another boulder it will be to soon.   I was having a bit of a head off going over the boulders and could quite happily have sat down and never moved.   Michael our youngest came with us and was brilliant, he never moaned once (unlike his old man) and kept going right to the end.   We had a bite to eat at the Hilton Coylumbridge Hotel and then got a taxi back to Braemar.   We were invited by Marian's pal Susan which was nice of her..........not!
Thursday 23rd September 2010
After dropping the boys at school I headed to Aspire to hit balls.   I worked mainly on my leg action as it has been bugging me again lately.   I putted really well down at Archerfield which is fantastic news as I have been spending a lot of time on the putting arc.   Marian, myself and the boys were invited to last night's game at Pittodrie by Alan and Val Reid.   I feared the worst at half time but they did really well in the second half to turn it around..........every credit.
Tuesday 21st September 2010
I have been down at Archerfield the last two days playing in the Sir Ian Botham/Darren Clarke Celebrity Invitational.   It was a fantastic event which raised a lot of money for Ian and Darren's charities.   I played with my own team of Alan Reid, Paul MacKay and Keith Park, we had a great time.   Well done to everyone for looking after us so well.
Sunday 19th September 2010
On Saturday Marian, Michael and I were invitied out to Glassel House by Sir Moir and Lady Lockhead to offically open their 9 hole course.   We had a great time and the BBQ was fantastic.   On Sunday we were all at Deeside for our Foundation Flag Finals and Junior Open.   I gave a clinic at 2pm for all the flag finalists then we had the prize giving.   Well done to all the kids this year, you have all done brilliantly and been a credit to your parents.   The weather wasn't great but both courses were in very good condition.   My thanks go to all the staff at Deeside who worked extremely hard all day.
Thursday 16th September 2010
I was in to see Gillian Mitchell last night as I've been really struggling with my neck the last few days.   I was at Gleneagles Queen's course today with Simmons & Company International for our second golf day.   I was unable to play because of my neck but I walked round with each group, then we had dinner in the hotel with a Q & A session.   Again it was a very good relaxed affair with plenty of banter.
Wednesday 15th September 2010
I flew from Paris to London then taxi to Dunstan Hall, Norwich on Monday evening for a Kalixa Golf Day with 18 guests on Tuesday.   It was heavy rain in the morning but thankfully it cleared up for most of the day.   I played three holes with each group and gave a 30 minute clinic.   They were a great bunch and we all had a good laugh.   This is the first year of a two year deal with Kalixa and they have been very professional and great to deal with.   I flew home at 8pm from Norwich airport direct to Aberdeen which was really handy!
Monday 13th September 2010
I was in Paris today for an Aberdeen Asset Management Golf Day.   Their French office organised the day which went very well indeed.   It was a glorious day and all the guests were very relaxed and seemed to enjoy it.   I gave a 30 minute clinic then after lunch I played three holes with each group.   We finished off with the prize giving and then it was a mad dash to the airport to catch a flight to London.   I then took a taxi to Norwich for a Kalixa golf day tomorrow.   At least it's never dull.
Sunday 12th September 2010

I got home from Amsterdam early on Saturday morning and Marain was there to pick me up which was really good of her as I know how much she likes her bed (half woman, half mattress)   I took the boys to Deeside for their medal then headed to Aspire to practise for a couple of hours.   Andy noticed on Friday that I was moving off it to much on the backswing so I wanted to work on it as soon I got home.   I had thought of heading to Tannadice to watch the Dons but after being 3 down after 9 mins I was glad I decided to hit balls instead.  

I woke up this morning with a stiff neck, I'm unable to turn to the right which is a real pain as I fly to Paris tonight for an Aberdeen Asset Management golf day tomorrow.   I then fly to Norwich for a Kalixa day on Tuesday.   Hopefully it will ease off tonight.

Friday 10th September 2010

KLM 2RD 72+70=142 (+2)

With my tee off time being late (1.15pm) I tried to have a long lie but of course I was up at 6.30am as usual so I headed up to the course to do a bit of putting practise.   It rained quite a bit today, some of it heavy.  I played better than yesterday, mind you that would not have been hard.   I shot 70 level par to miss the cut by two shots.   The cut came at level par which I think is pretty low as the course was playing long and the greens were not great, understandly because of the wet weather.   I can't get home till Saturday morning, it's bad enough missing cuts but I hate not getting home.
Thursday 9th September 2010

KLM 1RD 72 (+2)

I had a very poor day both mentally and with ball striking.   I finished on two over par 72 which was a pretty good effort considering the way I hit it.   I especially struggled with my irons today which is strange but thankfully I putted good again.   The work I have been doing on the putting arc is starting to pay off.   The course is extremely wet and playing long making it a good test of golf.
Monday 6th September 2010
Marian and I were up in Turriff yesterday, I presented the prizes at my Foundation Club Challenge which was played at Turriff Golf Club.   It was a very difficult day for the kids with a strong wind blowing.   Today, I popped over to my hat sponsor (Pentagon Freight) to deliver the auction item they bought at my Foundation dinner last Monday, we had a cup of tea (but nae biscuits)   This afternoon I played at Deeside with Bruce Webster (ISS) his son Chris and brother Stuart.   Bruce had bought the round with me at the Pro Cel Am auction.   The money was split between my Foundation and Clan.   We all had a great day inspite of the wind which was blowing a gale.
Saturday 4th September 2010
I couldn't get home last night so I booked a flight through Amsterdam leaving Geneva at 06.55am which meant a taxi at 02.30am for the two and a half hour journey to the airport.   I eventually got to Aberdeen at 10.30am minus my suitacse, of course, but to be fair the airlines haven't lost it for a while.   We popped over to Cove in the afternoon to visit my Mum, she talked the ears off us as usual (my punishment for missing the cut)
Friday 3rd September 2010

European Masters 2RD 74+70=144 (+2)

After shooting three over yesterday I needed to get off to a good start but after making double bogey at my ninth hole it was not to be this week but at least I putted much better which is fantastic.   I went back down to the course last night for a couple of hours to putt, I also went up early this morning.   I shot 70 -1 which was three shots too many.   I fly home tomorrow morning at 06.55am from Geneva via Amsterdam.
Thursday 2nd September 2010

European Masters 1RD 74 (+3)

It was a three over par round of 74 this morning which could so easily have been very different.   I hit it nicely again but the birdie chances I had I missed and the poor shots I hit I didn't get off with.   I haven't played here for years, the course is still extremely frustrating as there are loads of birdie holes but getting it close is very difficult.
Wednesday 1st September 2010
I flew from Aberdeen yesterday morning to Geneva via Heathrow and then hopped on the train to Sierra, then took a courtesy car up the mountain to Crans.   I left the house at 9.30am and arrived at my hotel at 9.15pm!   The train journey was 2 and a half hours but felt shorter as it was so smooth.   I was not in the pro am today so I went up to the course and had some new grips put on all my clubs, Andy and I then walked the back nine.   I haven't played here for a few years as it hasn't fitted into my schedule which is a pity as it's such a nice place to visit.   I tee off tomorrow at 7.40am