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November 2011
Wednesday 30th November 2011
We played in the pro am at 7.10am which was an ideal time to play as it gives you the rest of the day to do as you wish.   I had a sleep in the afternoon cos I couldn't keep my eyes open.   I play tomorrow at 8.40am from the 10th tee.
Tuesday 29th November 2011
I got on the 6am bus as I was up early and it only took 35 mins to get to the course.   We hit some balls then played 18 holes.   The course is in fantastic condition, probably the best I have seen it.   The greens are pretty firm and rolling quite fast.   The facilities are also very good this week.   It's a little more humid than I remembered it being.  
Monday 28th November 2011
After two weeks off it was time to head off to play again.   This week we are in Hong Kong so it was a lenghty 12 hour flight from London.   I am staying in the JW Marriott which is very nice but it's a one hour drive to the course.   I popped down to reception last night to see what time the buses were for Tuesday and got stuck in the lift which felt like ages but probably was only 15 mins.   It went up and down from top to bottom a good few times, apparently all the lifts took a funny turn (just my luck)
Friday 25th November 2011

I dropped the boys at school and stayed in town to buy dvds for my two weeks away.   I saw Gillian Mitchell for my fortnightly crunch then met David Law, Philip McLean and Kris Nicol at Deeside for a photograph.   The Foundation is providing all three with funding for next year.   We had a bite to eat then played 9 holes......all three of them beat me to win £20 each.   Anytime I play with them and I win they give me a £1 but if they win I give them £20.   So today was a bad day for me but great for them!


Wednesday 23rd November 2011
I played with David Law and Philip McLean today at Newburgh in the North East Alliance.   It was a lovely day with a decent wind blowing.   I hit it nicely 70 -2  and finished second behind Kris Nicol who shot 69.   The course was very good for this time of year and I really enjoyed it.   I picked Craig up from the Sports Village on my way home and have been hitting putts since I got home as it wasn't too clever today with the blade.
Tuesday 22nd November 2011
Traffic was a nightmare this morning and the boys only just got to school in time.   I then hit balls and played 9 holes at Deeside.   I met Peter Smith for lunch then I couldn't eat anything more as I was in Albyn Hospital later in the afternoon to have a few skin tags removed from my neck and arms.   The procedure was very interesting as I was awake the whole time.
Monday 21st November 2011
After dropping the boys at school I headed to Deeside to hit balls, working mainly on my leg action on the backswing.   Marian and I then took David Law up to Morrison Motors to help him get a car from Eddie and Brian.   We had lunch at Celebrations which was very nice.   David and I then played 8 holes at Deeside.   In the evening Iain Powell and I met with Suleman Butt, a young swimmer who the Foundation is helping.   We had photos taken at the International school, it's the the first time I'd been there's very impressive indeed. 
Sunday 20th November 2011

Marian and I were at Pittodrie yesterday to see Aberdeen lose 2-1 to Motherwell.   There was very little entertainment value again.   Last night we were at the Marcliffe for the North East District dinner which was very nice.   Michael and I played 9 holes at Deeside this morning then we helped Marian with some food shopping at Tesco.


Clarke Breichin (Mens Order of Merit winner) and Chris Lamb (Boys Order of Merit Winner)

Friday 18th November 2011
I have been practising hard at Deeside over the last few days, working on a few bits and pieces.  Mainly my leg action on the backswing and trying not to move off it too much on the way back and trying to stay tall at impact.   I have been struggling with the driver lately mainly due to some old faults that have crept in .   I was back out to see Andrew Locke on Thursday morning for a check on the work I had done.  He said I had managed to improve it which is good.
Monday 14th November 2011
I have been fast sleep every night by 6pm and up early morning.   This jet lag's a least it gives me hours to work on my putting.   I was out at Inchmarlo today for a lesson with Andrew Locke.   I liked what he had to say and I'm looking forward to working with him.
Sunday 13th November 2011

I hit some balls with the boys at Deeside and then popped over to Cove to see my Mum, which is always entertaining.   I was asleep by 5pm totally knackered and then wide awake at midnight.   Marian had recorded some programmes for me to watch on the tele so that passed the hours until morning.

Saturday 12th November 2011
I left Singapore at 11.30pm on Friday.   I nodded off as soon as the planes wheels left the tarmac and I managed to sleep for 6 hours which was ok.   I had a 3 hour wait in Heathrow before flying up the road, arriving in Aberdeen at 10am.  
Friday 11th November 2011

Singapore 2RD 76+73=149 (+7)

I had a 73 +2 today.   I needed a fast start to have any chance of making the weekend so my eight 2 putts and one 4 putt on the front nine meant that wasn't going to happen.   I drove the ball really pooly again.   It was very hot  and we had a thunder and lightening suspension for two hours.   Overall I have driven it awful for two weeks but that's not really a concern as I have still hit a lot of greens but the putting is not getting any better.   Last week I hit a lot of good putts that missed but this week it's been awful.   I fly home tonight yee ha!!
Thursday 10th November 2011

Singapore 1RD 76 (+5)

I had a poor day shooting 76 +5   There were two reasons........I had an eight at the par 5 seventh hole from the middle of the fairway and I putted awful (36)   It was very hot and sticky but I actually felt alright.    There are two courses this week, one is really short with plenty of chances and the other is a good test.   I played the tougher one today so I'll need to go low tomorrow.
Wednesday 9th November 2011

My neck was quite a bit better this morning so I played in the 7.30am shotgun pro am.   We teed off from the 15th hole and it was quite cool for most of the day but with 6 holes to go the temperature cranked up and it was very hot and sticky.   I hit it good but struggled with the putter.   I headed straight back to the hotel to cool down and watch some dvds.   We play at 11.45am tomorrow with Darren Barr and Kenny Ferrie which should be good fun.


Tuesday 8th November 2011

I woke up with a stiff neck so I went to the physio this morning and in the afternoon.   I tried to hit balls but couldn't hit anything longer than a gap wedge, hopefully it will be better tomorrow.   There was a big thunder storm this morning which closed the course and the range until 11am.   I received some great texts regarding the picture from my balcony which made me laugh hopefully todays pic won't bring any problems!!


Monday 7th November 2011

My flight to Singapore was at 8.20am with Singapore Airlines who were very good.   The flight was a bit choppy and was 5 hours long which surprised me (goegraphy nae my strength at school, mind you no subject was)   The humidity just hits you as soon as you step outside but at least it's warm unlike the frost Marian was telling me about back home.   I'm going down to the gym for a bit then I'm meeting Stephen Gallacher and Stevie O'Hara for supper.   We will play really early in the morning tomorrow when its slightly cooler.


The view from my balcony

Sunday 6th November 2011

HSBC Champions 4RD 72+71+72+74=289 (+1)

I hit it awful on my front nine 39 +3 then played really good on my back nine 35 -1 which could have easily been 4 or 5 shots better.   This week has been very up and down.   I've had poor spells but also some nice stuff.   I have putted well without holing anything which my stats for the week will show.   The club has been behind me on the downswing this week which is a common fault of mine.   I tried to get my arms more in front on the back nine and hit some lovely shots so I will work on that in Singapore next week.   I played with Darren Clarke today which is always good fun.   He played nicely for 69 which was a good score today as there was slightly more wind.
Saturday 5th November 2011

HSBC Champions 3RD 72+71+72=215 (-1)

I played nicely the first eight holes this morning to be -2 for the day but then fatted my third shot in the water at 18 (my 9th) eventually making a seven.   I played solid on the front nine but holed nothing and finished with a level par 72.   It was a real struggle with the driver which makes it tough to score.   I putted really well but holed very little.   I played with Bill Haas today who is a really nice guy and a good player which made me feel pretty old as I played with his Dad a few times over the years.
Friday 4th November 2011

HSBC Champions 2RD 72+71=143 (-1)

I shot 71 -1 today which is a bit disappointing as I hit 16 greens and gave myself a lot of chances for birdies.   I felt I putted nicely but holed very little.   I struggled again with the driver and with the rough being pretty thick it's tough to control the distance.   We had preferred lies today which made sense, pity they weren't on yesterday as the ball was picking up a lot of mud.
Thursday 3rd November 2011

HSBC Champions 1RD 72 (LVL)

I got off to a terrible start this morning +4 after six holes which was about right as I hit some awful shots early on.   I made good birdies at the 7th and the 8th but three putted nine from nowhere to be out in 39 (+3).   I hit it much better on the back nine shooting 33 -3 to finish with a level par 72 which was a good effort after the start.   I also struggled off the tee today which was a surprise as I've been driving it well lately.
Wednesday 2nd November 2011
Last night was the official launch of the tournament which was held in town, I shared a car with Graeme McDowell for the one hour journey.   There was a fantastic laser show as part of the evening.   I was wide awake at 3am again which is not great but all part of the fun of travelling I guess.   Today the weather was awful with heavy rain all day so I spent most of the day watching dvds in my room..........oh! and sleeping.
Tuesday 1st November 2011
China is eight hours ahead of the UK so the first few days are usually a nightmare until my body clock adjusts.   Yesterday I fell asleep at 12.30pm then I was up from 6pm till midnight then back to sleep till 4am so it wasn't too bad really.   I had breakfast at the hotel then went up to the course to meet Davy and play.   The course is in very good condition with the greens firm and quite fast.   I have a drinks reception in Shanghai tonight so hopefully I will manage a nap before I go.