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November 2009
Monday 30th November 2009
I hit some balls at Deeside today either side of my breakfast (sausage roll) and my lunch (stovies).   It felt like I had 14 layers of clothes on (can't understand people who live in warm countries)   I spoke to Rocky Balboa (sorry David Law) about his assault.   Union Street is a total joke nowadays.   We have put a table tennis table in our golf room for the winter, the boys are really improving and starting to beat me regularly.....which drives me nuts.   I'm just too competitive!!
Sunday 29th November 2009
I was out at Pine Lodge this morning hitting balls, working mainly on 50 and 75 yard shots.   I was then at Westhill and Newmachar Golf Clubs for their Junior prize givings.   Murray and I did a Q & A session at both clubs.   They both had really good turnouts.   It was also the Deeside Golf Club Junior prize giving today.   Craig won the 'Order of Merit' and 'Most Improved Junior' award which was brilliant.
Saturday 28th November 2009
I have been out hitting balls at Pine Lodge quite a bit this week, mainly working on rolling my right foot at impact.   I had sit down meeting with two of my Foundation Team, Ross Cameron and Graeme Lornie to chat about this season and their plans for next year.   Marian and I were at Pittodrie today to watch the Dons beat Rangers 1-0 which was fantastic.
Wednesday 25th November 2009
Marian and I are just back from Portugal.   We were over looking at property at the Amendoeira Resort which is about 30 mins from Faro airport.   It would be nice to have somewhere warm to do some winter practise but we're not sure if we would use it enough.   We bumped into Scott Henderson in the airport on the way home.   Scott had been at PQ2 trying to qualify for Tour School but unfortunately lost out in a play off.   We gave him a lift back home to Aberdeen as we flew into Glasgow.   I was into see Karen Young (physio) this morning, my back has really improved over the last week and I am going to try and see her on a regular basic.
Wednesday 18th November 2009

I was at the Town House this morning to be inducted as a Burgess of the Guild.   There are currently over 1000 burgesses so it was a great honour to be asked into the Guild.   I managed to hit some balls in the net at home for the first time since returning from Hong Kong.  


Monday 16th November 2009

End of Season Summary

2009 ended up being quite disappointing but it could easily have been very different.   I had long spells of very good ball striking after the Open in July but unfortunately I couldn't take advantage (not for the lack of trying I can assure you) mainly due to poor spells with the putter.   The positives were the work I have been doing with Bob Torrance which has been really good.   This year has been my second highest in 'greens in regulation' stats for ten years which is really encouraging.   Adam Hunter has been on at me for ages to watch the ball while I putt which I have always struggled with but I have commited to doing it over the winter.   It was a busy year not only on the playing side but also my Foundation continues to grow every year.   Many thanks to everyone involved with the Foundation and myself for all your hard work.
Saturday 14th November 2009
I got home on Thursday morning, the flight wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be but still quite uncomfortable.   I had very little sleep in Hong Kong so not surprisingly I slept from 6.30pm on Thursday until 10.45am Friday morning.   I was at Portlethen Golf Club last night to present prizes to the juniors, there was a great turnout for the kids which was great to see.   I have been stretching my back like mad so hopefully it will improve soon.   I'm just watching Scotland play's enough to drive you to the drink!!!
Thursday 12th November 2009
My flight home wasn't too bad as my back has really slackened off quite a bit.   It was a long way to go to not even hit one shot but that's the way it goes, I suppose.   It's very frustrating because I think it would only have taken half a day more  and I could have played.   I am very disappointed not to be in Dubai next week for the first 'Race to Dubai' but I'm looking forward to getting some work done over the winter.
Wednesday 11th November 2009
Although my back is a little better today it is still unfortunately not good enough to play.   It was very stiff this morning, I tried to swing in the room every hour to check to make sure before pulling out but I feel it at impact.   I fly home tonight getting into Aberdeen early tomorrow morning.
Tuesday 10th November 2009
I went to see a physio in town today who said I have some muscle spasms and my lower back is really locked up, so he gave me some excercises to do.    If anything it has been worse today.   I've just been in my room popping nurofen, trying to get some relief.   I have pulled out of the pro am tomorrow as there is no way I could play......trying to put on my socks is hilarious!!
Monday 9th November 2009
I had a very uncomfortable flight last night to Hong Kong, my back was total agony.    The flight time was shorter than I remember but it still felt really, really long.   Hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight (Yes I'm a wimp!)
Sunday 8th November 2009
I wrote this sitting onboard my flight to Heathrow, where 15 mins previously I was in the BA lounge lying flat on my back trying to stretch it.   As I was lifting my clubs off the weighing scales at check in I felt a sharp pain in my lower back.   I'm still not sure I should be going to Hong Kong but I really want to play in Dubai next week so I have to give it a go.
Saturday 7th November 2009
I was in to see Gillian, my osteopath again this morning as my back is still not great.   We were at the Kings Links just after lunchtime to see the start of our Foundation winter coaching with Graeme Lornie.   Marian and I went to Pittodrie with Murray and Lynda to watch Aberdeen beat St Johnstone 2-1.   I'm not quite sure how St Johnstone only scored one goal but a win is a win.
Friday 6th November 2009

Myself and Craig (official photographer) were at Nigg Bay Golf Club to present the prizes to their juniors.   I haven't been at Nigg Bay for many years but their hospitality was first class.   After the prizegiving they gave me a cheque for my Foundation which was very much appreciated.   I was also given £20 by one of their founder members for the Foundation which was a really nice thing for him to do.   The club laid on food and a disco for everyone.   My thanks to everyone invloved, you should all be proud of yourselves...well done.



Thursday 5th November 2009
I was out at Pine Lodge this morning hitting some shots to try out my back.   It wasn't too bad but still really stiff.   We had our management team up from London to discuss deals etc for next year.   I watched a documentry of Seve which was sent to me by the BBC.   I thought he looked really well and upbeat especially after all he's been through.
Wednesday 4th November 2009
I was out at Pine Lodge Golf Centre this morning for a meeting with Mark Lees.   I always really enjoy going there, it has a real family atmosphere.   Murray and I met with Jim Leighton at the Sports village in the evening.   We are keen to do some coaching with our Foundation kids.   I think they would really benefit from Jim's knowledge.   My back is still really stiff so I have cancelled golf tomorrow and my trip to see Bob on Friday.
Tuesday 3rd November 2009
I was supposed to be playing at Royal Aberdeen yesterday but my back was sore when I woke up so I decided to leave it.   It's a pity because I was looking forward to playing with Scott Henderson, Philip McLean and David Law.   Marian and I went to the new Union Square mall for a look but neither of us were very impressed.   We were over in Cove in the evening for my nephew Sean's 17th birthday supper.   Sean had his first driving lesson today (OMG)   I was in to see Gillian, my osteopath who I will also see on Saturday morning and hopefully my back will be ok for Hong Kong on Sunday.
Sunday 1st November 2009
I was at Aspire on Saturday morning with Craig and Michael who are both getting lessons from Billy Fyfe.   We then sat by the telly watching the football scores only to be disappointed by the result.   On Sunday Marian, Murray and I were up at Turriff presenting the prizes to the juniors.   I also did a Q & A for everyone.   My thanks to everyone who attended.   We had a very long journey home as the roads were incredibly flooded.   I have been practising my putting using a mirror to make sure my eyes are more over the ball.   I have painted a spot on the floor of my putting green which I look at to stop my head moving.   I have a really good feeling about it.