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November 2008
Friday 28th November 2008
When I arrived at Meldrum this morning there was a hissing noise coming from my car. It turned out to be a burst tyre! I'm glad there were no photographers around to witness Neil Marr and I trying to change the tyre. I didn't get any short game done because of the frost but I hit it very good again. My improvement over the year is down to sticking to two very simple thoughts, instead of jumping all over the place trying out new things.....which used to drive Adam crazy.
Thursday 27th November 2008
I have been home since Monday morning and the jet lag is still a total pain.....I can't keep my eyes open past 7pm and then I'm up at 3am. Marian and I were invited by First Group to 'An evening with Peter Alliss' at the Tree Tops on Tuesday. The company and food were excellant but I was a little disappointed with Alliss who I thought would have been better. I have since spoken to a few others who were there who thought the same. I have been practising a little the last few days which has felt good. I see Gillian Mitchelll, my osteopath tonight as I have quite a few niggling little injuries probably due to the long haul flights I've been on lately.
Sunday 23rd November 2008

Hong Kong 4RD 69+70+69+66=274 (-6)

Today was the best ball striking of the trip, I shot a 66 which is four under par. I hit the ball really solid and gave myself plenty of chances. It's always nice to finish your year with a good round. I fly home at 11.30pm this evening...can't wait!
Saturday 22nd November 2008

Hong Kong 3RD 69+70+69=208 (-2)

I had a bit of a mixed bag today, with some good stuff and some awful shots and also three 3 putts. It all added up at a 69 to be -2 for the tournament.
Friday 21st November 2008

Hong Kong 2RD 69+70=139 (-1)

I was -3 after four holes today but only shot level par. I could easily have birdied the first six holes but after that it was a real struggle. I finished my round with a double bogey on the 9th which was my last hole which is always a terrible way to finish. My alarm went of at 4.20am this that's never good.
Thursday 20th November 2008

Hong Kong 1RD 69 (-1)

I played good on the front nine and struggled with the putter, then hit it poorly on the back nine but managed to up and down quite a few. Overall -1 was about right today. The course is very dry and bumpy which makes it tough to get the ball close to the flag. There is also a lot of grain on the greens here which makes it difficult to get the speed right.
Wednesday 19th November 2008
There was no place for me in the pro am today so I spent the day working on all aspects of my game. It was great to Andy Coltart secure a card at the tour school yesterday. Many congratulations also to Chris Doak, Callum McCaulay and David Drysdale. I tee off at 11.30 tomorrow.
Tuesday 18th November 2008
I am in Hong Kong this week for the UBS Hong Kong Open. I have spent the last few days working hard on my game which was very poor last week. I have hit it very well since I arrived and the facilities here are excellant, with two chipping areas, a good range and a large putting green. This is the 50th staging of this event which is amazing.
Saturday 15th November 2008
My lack of fitness showed up this week so I started my winter programme this morning. I spent about an hour in the Marian pointed out the last time I have let myself go a bit again. I think it only shows up when I play in humid conditions. My plan is to be a Top 50 World ranking player again, so I need to be a bit fitter, not an olympic athlete but fitter than I am right now. It was torture this morning but it's not suppose to be fun.
Friday 14th November 2008

Singapore Open 2RD 75+75=150 (+8)

I finished my first round this morning at +4 and I shot +4 again for my second round. I hit the ball really poorly and I lost count the amount of tee shots I hit left. The last few months my ball striking has been very good but this week it was as poor as I can remember but there's nothing I can do about it now. I will head to Hong Kong tomorrow night and work on it for a few days before the tournament starts. There is a good chance Andy and I will have a few beers tonight.
Thursday 13th November 2008

Singapore Open 1RD

I really struggled in the pro am yesterday and today was exactly the same. We had a rain delay and only managed 15 holes before we were stopped for bad light. I am currently 5 over for the day which is about right as I have hit it awful. We resume play at 7.30am tomorrow morning.
Wednesday 12th November 2008
My clubs arrived at 9.30pm last night which is pretty awful really. I would have liked to have played nine holes yesterday because the greens are really grainy and take a bit of getting used to. I played at 7.30am this morning in the pro am, the course is in great nick with quite sloppy greens. Last week I did a lot of work on my putting, trying to hole lots of short putts to get some confidence back, it felt really good today. Last night Barclays held a dinner for a few selected players and guests which I was invited to attend. It was a very good night and was all over by 9pm. I managed to sleep all night which is unusual for the first few days. I play at 12.10 tomorrow with two guys who's names I can't pronounce.
Monday 10th November 2008
I've just arrived in Singapore minus my clubs.......good old British Airways!! Even when you pay £8000 for a first class seat, they still loose your luggage, it's an absolute joke. They have informed me that my clubs will arrive tomorrow evening. The reason I flew out on Sunday was that I would be able to play and practise on Tuesday but now it will be a wasted day, but they don't seem to care about customer service.
Sunday 9th November 2008
We were all down at Tannadice yesterday to watch Aberdeen play Dundee United, the atmosphere was good but unfortunately we were beaten 2 - 1. This morning Craig is playing at Deeside in their adult/junior competitiion and Michael is playing football for his FDS team at Culter. I fly to Singapore tonight which will be my last trip of the year.
Friday 7th November 2008
Earlier this week we received the backing for our course at Blairs which is great news and we really can't wait to get going. I have been out seeing Neil quite a bit this week, the swing is looking good. My back is hurting a bit, probably caused by the amount of putts I've hit. Marian and I have taken a table at the Westdyke Boys Football Club tonight, I am also doing a Q & A session. I'm looking forward to a few beers and relaxing with friends before heading off on Sunday for two weeks.
Sunday 2nd November 2008

Volvo Masters 4RD 76+72+75+70=293 (+9) 32T

I shot my first ever under par round at Valderrama this afternoon. I also holed my second shot at the 9th which was my final hole. I played really good today but again I was very frustrated by the putter. I played the final 36 holes with Monty who was in a surprisingly good mood both days. Overall I have hit a lot of greens this week but the course always seems to get the better of me. I fly to East Midlands tonight and then up to Aberdeen tomorrow morning at 6.40am.
Saturday 1st November 2008

Volvo Masters 2RD/3RD

I played the remaining 8 holes this morning in level par. I made birdie on the 11th but bogeyed the 17th. The tour have made a very poor decision by not sending us straight out for our third round. Instead they are waiting until everyone finishes and then doing a U draw in three balls off two tees, which is totally wasting four hours of good weather.