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Sunday 31st May 2009

European Open 4RD 73+71+73+75=292 (+4)

My attitude was awful this week, followed closely by terrible ball striking.   I shot three over today and really, really struggled.   It was windy again but I was not at the races all week!
Saturday 30th May 2009

European Open 3RD 73+71+73=217 (+1)

It was very windy again today, so I suppose one over is never bad.   For some reason my pitching was poor today, leaving most of them well short.   I feel I played solid without getting it that close to the hole.


Friday 29th May 2009

European Open 73+71=144 (LVL)

I played poorly today so 71 was a good effort as the course was much tougher this morning.   I really struggled with ball stricking, hitting lots of low pulls.   I will try to see Neil Marr on Monday when I get home.
Thursday 28th May 2009

European Open 1RD 73 (+1)

One over 73 today which should have been much better.   I was two under with two holes to play but managed to finish bogey, double bogey.   I played ok but putted poorly and hit quite a few pulls with the woods which was disappointing.
Wednesday 27th May 2009

Unfortunately the weather was horrible for today's pro am with some heavy rain showers and high winds but my guys seemed to enjoy it anyway.   The course is in excellent condition, there are some new tees from last year, some of which are good and some which are not.   I'm looking forward to watching the Champions League Final tonight!


Tuesday 26th May 2009
I had a lovely day off yesterday, I dropped the boys at school.   Marian and I then headed into town for some shopping and lunch.   I picked Craig up from school and took him to Nevada Bob's to spend his birthday money and vouchers he'd won.   We had a BBQ in the evening and I did some chipping and putting with the boys and as ever they beat me.   I flew to Gatwick this morning for this week's European Open at the London Club.
Sunday 24th May 2009

BMW PGA 4RD 72+71+70+73=286 (-2)

Same old story today.....played good, putted poor.   Three or four under would have been about right so 73 was very frustrating.   I fly home tonight and will have tomorrow at home before flying back down on Tuesday for the European Open.
Saturday 23rd May 2009

BMW PGA 3RD 72+71+70=213 (-3)

I had a terrible start today, three over after three holes after missing two very short putts.   I played awesome after that and could easily have been much less but after the start it was a good score.   That should jump me up a few spots.
Friday 22nd May 2009

BMW PGA 2RD 72+71=143 (-1)

I played beautiful from tee to green today and putted awful.   After three putting the 16th I threw my putter in the bag which bent it slightly meaning I could no longer use it.   I used my lob wedge to putt on the last two greens.   It was very frustrating today as I played really really good and felt I got very little out of it.   Throwing the putter was a stupid thing to do and I should know better.
Thursday 21st May 2009


Level par 72 today, I felt I played better than that but scoring is quite high so level is never bad.   The wind was swirling quite a bit making club selection very tough.   I really struggled again with the putter so I'm going to spend some time working on it this afternoon.
Wednesday 20th May 2009

I played in the morning pro am which was a shotgun start at 8am.   I played with the captain of Wentworth and also the lady captain and another member.   The course is in great condition as always.   The greens are the best I have seen them... you forget how many good holes they have here.   I play at 8.45am tomorrow with Nick Dougherty and Scott Strange.


Tuesday 19th May 2009
I flew down to London this morning for this weeks BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth.   I had a quick bite of lunch and then spent the afternoon working mainly on my short game because it was too windy to hit many balls.   I play at 8am in the pro am tomorrow and I'm looking forward to seeing the course.
Sunday 17th May 2009

Irish Open 4RD 66+66+77+76=285 (-3)

I had another really poor day......76 blows!   My ball striking was better than yesterday but for the second day in a row I holed no putts.   When the weather is poor you need to keep it going by holing out well and I really struggled with that at the weekend.   I hit it beautiful the first 36 holes but very poorly over the weekend.   I fly from Dublin to Edinburgh this evening and then the 2 hour drive up the road.   I have tomorrow at home before travelling to London on Tuesday morning for the BMW PGA Championship.
Saturday 16th May 2009

Irish Open 3RD 66+66+77=209 (-7)

The weather made it very tough today, high winds and heavy rain.   I played awful and shot 77 to be seven under for the tournament.   I hit it so badly all day but there's always tomorrow.


Friday 15th May 2009

Irish Open 2RD 66+66=132 (-12)

I played really good again and finished with a 66 to be twelve under and I even managed to win a car for a hole in one at the 17th.


Thursday 14th May 2009

Irish Open 1RD 66 (-6)

I shot 66 today and played really good, it wasn't quite so windy as yesterday but it was still blowing.  I didn't hit too many balls after my round because of the wind and rain but I did work on my short game which will be the key this week.   I have been practising my putting in the room this past few weeks and it's getting much better.
Wednesday 13th May 2009

I played at 7.30am this morning with three really good Irish lads, we had a very relaxing game unfortunately in a strong breeze.   The course this week is awesome...proper links golf.  

My phone has been red hot with messages of support over the Meldrum situation, apparently they want me to  apologize......apologize for what?   The conversation I had in the pro shop lasted 20 seconds, was not heated and I merely asked why the greens were poor.   My text to Kenny Harper was banter to which he replied with some banter of his own, which I thought was really funny.   To be told not to return is incredible but it will not harm my career one bit.   I would like to thank everyone for their messages of support which have come from all over Scotland...from Edinburgh right up to Dornoch.   No apology will be made and as long as I have breath in my body I will not set foot on Meldrum House soil again.

Monday 11th May 2009
I was at Pine Lodge Golf Centre in Kemnay today for a lesson from my coach, Neil Marr.   Jim and Mark Lees have done a great job with the range and I even got a cup of tea and a chocolate buscuit!   In the afternoon I had a meeting at the house with Brian Hendry about various things and I was then at the Marcliffe for some filming for a DVD the Aberdeen City Council are making.   I managed to have a chat with Stewart Spence and asked him for some advice on a tricky matter that's cropped up.  In the evening we had our first BBQ of the year in glorious sunshine.
Saturday 9th May 2009
I got back to my room yesterday afternoon and decided to head to the airport as one over was T76 and heading in the wrong direction.   I phoned to check the scores before I checked in and +1 had gone back to nearly making the cut so I went back to my hotel to re check in as it was to close to go.   In the end it missed but it was very close.   I threw away too many shots on Thursday which was a pity.   I am on the 7.55am flight from Milan Malpensa this morning which is 1 hour 45 mins away so I booked a 4.30am that's early!!
Friday 8th May 2009

Italian Open 2RD 76+67=143 (+1)

I had a fantastic back nine today to give myself a chance of playing tomorrow.   I birdied four of the last five holes and I should have birdied the other hole.   I shot four under 67 to finish one over for the tournament.
Thursday 7th May 2009

Italian Open 1RD 76 (+5)

It was a very disappointing day today, shooting five over 76.   It was a real mixed bag and I probably didn't deserve such a high score but it was what it was.   I got off to a terrible start with a double bogey at the first and then bogeys at the 9th, 15th and 18th.   The 18th is actually 504 yards but the tour are playing it as a par 4 which is a strange decision in my opinion.
Wednesday 6th May 2009
I played in the pro am this morning, the course is an excellent layout and in very good condition.   I hit it good again and made quite a few birdies.   I play tomorrow with Darren Clarke and Thomas Bjorn which I'm really looking forward to as we always have a good laugh.
Tuesday 5th May 2009
I had a lovely day off yesterday....I dropped the kids at Deeside and then popped over to Cove to see my Mum and then had a bite of lunch at Deeside with Marian.   I did a little chipping and putting at home and then Marian and I headed out to the new Mains of Drum Garden Centre for a cup of tea.   I flew at 7am this morning to Turin via Gatwick for this weeks Italian Open.
Sunday 3rd May 2009

Spanish Open 4RD 68+72+80+67=287 (-1)

I played really good today after a very poor performance yesterday.   I shot -5 67 to finish -1 for the week.   It was a beautiful hot day so I would imagine scoring will be low.   I get home tonight through Heathrow.
Saturday 2nd May 2009

Spanish Open 3RD 68+72+80=220 (+4)

My ball striking was awful today, I hit so many poor shots it's frightening.   I also lipped out so many times with the putter.   It was one of those days where everything was poor but there's nothing you can do but get on with it.   My attitude was awesome, I think Andy the caddie was in shock.   I went to the range after my round and hit shot after shot perfectly........crazy game this golf.
Friday 1st May 2009

Spanish Open 2RD 68+72=140 (-4)

As we were on the range warming up the wind really started to blow, it was very tough in the afternoon with hardly a breath of wind in the morning.   I shot level par 72 which was decent effort in tough conditions.   I am 4 under overall which is 19th, when you get the wrong side of the weather it's tough but it should work out over the year.