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June 2008
Saturday 28th June 2008

French Open 4RD 73+71+70+74=288 (+4)

Today was a total kick in the teeth!! I played good and holed nothing, I then played the last four holes in four over par. I hit a perfect drive at the 15th and I had only 109 yards to the pin downwind, I hit a good lob wedge which pitched in the water. At the 17th I hit my drive a yard into the left rough and made bogey. The only poor shot I hit was off the 18th which went way right and I bogeyed it as well. Overall this week I have played pretty good but I haven't got anything out of it. At times it feels really close to being good. My patience this week has at times been poor but Marian always says that patience has never been my middle name. I'm now in a taxi heading for the airport to try and catch the 3.30pm flight direct to Aberdeen.
Friday 27th June 2008

French Open 3RD 73+71+70=214 (+1)

I shot 70 today and I was 2 under after 10 holes and cruising but then hit two poor shots. One at the 11th with an eight iron and one at the 13th with a three wood. I then made eagle at the 14th, it's just a pity I dropped a shot at the 18th hole. Overall 1 under was a decent effort because the pins were tucked away. It's off to the range now to see if I can stop pulling the woods.
Thursday 26th June 2008

French Open 2RD 73+71=144 (+2)

There was quite a bit more wind today, so 71 was a decent effort but it should have been a few shots less. I only hit 2 shots off line all day but got severely punished. They cost me a double bogey at my 12th and a bogey at my 13th, apart from that I hit it really good. I holed very little but I felt I putted ok.
Wednesday 25th June 2008

French Open 1RD 73 (+2)

Two over par 73 today with a double bogey at the last. I made the basic mistake of following an error with another error. I actually played ok and I had quite a few chances but holed very little. I hit a lot of pulls with the woods today so I'm off to the range to hit some.
Tuesday 24th June 2008

I hit balls this morning from 7 till 9 then I had to go to the nurse again to get my right ear syringed, it's been playing up lately. I then popped into town to buy some dvds for the next few weeks and then home to pack the suitcase for my 5pm flight to Paris. The French Open is played at the National Club which is a great course and one of my favourites on tour.

I read in tonights evening express that Sean Connery agrees with Colin Montgomerie about the state of Scottish golf. It's a pity these guys don't do something about's easy to criticize.

Monday 23rd June 2008

I got home on Saturday morning just in time for Craigs FDS end of season golf outing at Aspire. All the team and a few parents played 9 holes and then we had a BBQ and presentations.

I was out at Meldrum early seeing Neil this morning for a couple of hours and then I headed to Kemnay to play in their centenary pro am. I played very nicely to shoot 66 which won. My team... Alan Reid, Ross Blackadder and Philip McLean also won so it was a great day all round. My thanks to them and to Neil Marr for caddying for me. I really enjoyed the course which has changed so much since I was a junior memeber there. Well done to the pro David Brown for putting on a fantastic day.

Friday 20th June 2008

BMW 2RD 74+71=145 (+1) MC

I shot 71 today and probably played a little better than that but I hit some poor shots at the wrong time. The cut is looking like 1 under par. The greens were pretty poor this afternoon, they were soft so there were loads of heel marks which makes it really difficult to roll the ball properly. Andy, my caddie thinks it was more mental this week especially as I shot 64 in the pro am and I've ripped it on the range all week. I want to be a top player so much that sometimes I try too hard and it hurts me instead of helping me. I am unable to get home tonight so I'll stay in London overnight and fly up to Aberdeen in the morning.
Thursday 19th June 2008

BMW 1RD 74 (+2)

I shot 74 today without doing an awful lot wrong. I struggled a bit with the driver on my front nine but nothing to bad. I holed absolutely nothing on the greens, I must have used them all yesterday. The course is much tougher than it used to be but 2 over is a poor effort as there are loads of chances. I hit a couple of buckets of balls after my round, working with the gloves under my armpits, trying to stay connected. It's going really well on the range, I just need to take it onto the course but even with 2 over today there are signs of improvement. I was surprised how I putted today, I wasn't expecting that after yesterday.
Wednesday 18th June 2008
I played in the pro am this morning and hit the ball really good, making 10 birdies. Today was probably the best I have putted for years. The course is in fantastic condition, especially the greens. There is a good field here this week which is great for the sponsors....BMW. They are a big supporter of the Tour these days. I play at 7.50am tomorrow.
Tuesday 17th June 2008
I flew from Aberdeen at 9.30am to Munich via Heathrow for this weeks BMW International Open which is a long running and established event. I managed to catch the end of the US Open play off yesterday and I thought Tiger was hugely impressive winning with one good leg. He was obviously in a lot of pain. You can't teach desire, that comes from within and he has it by the truck load. I wouldn't be surprised to see him taking some time off to get his knee fixed. Hopefully we will see him at the Open in July.
Monday 16th June 2008
I saw Neil this morning, we hit balls for an hour then played 9 holes. I pretty much had the weekend off so the first half hour wasn't pretty but I hit it good when the old bones got going. I had my weekly appointment with Gillian Mitchell 'the cruncher' then I headed out to Banchory for the Scottish Schools Championship which we are the main sponsor of this year. The weather was fantastic which makes such a difference. The event was very well run by the SSGA. I managed to see quite a bit of golf, both by the boys and the girls, where I was very impressed by what I saw. The girls winner, Kelsey McDonald gave a fantastic speech at the prize giving, thanking everyone involved. It was a very polished and mature performance by Kelsey which is always a very difficult thing to do in front of so many people. Well done Kelsey!! It was nice being back at Banchory where of course it all began for me. It was great to catch up with some of the members.
Sunday 15th June 2008
Marian and I were at our next door neighbours 50th birthday party last night which was really good fun. This afternoon we walked round with Michael at Deeside, he was playing in one of our Junior Golf Flag Events. He played really well and managed to hole out at the 9th with his 36 shots to win his age group.
Wednesday 11th June 2008
I played 9 holes with two of my Foundation Team members, Ross Cameron and Philip McLean. Philip did something I have never seen before, on the 1st fairway he turned his ball slightly to the side. When I asked him if it was preferred lies he said 'no, it was to save the line on the ball from getting smaudged when he hit it' the reason being he hadn't brought his marker pen. Bearing in mind we always play for money......unbelievable!! I had a coffee and a chat with the boys afterwards and I explained as it was the last time we played, it was my short game that was the difference. I also asked them, when they are chipping or pitching were they trying to get the ball close or hole it? They both sid they were trying to get it close. I always try to hole it, the reason being, if your target is 3 feet and you hit a poor shot you are going to be 10 feet away. If your target is the hole and you miss hit it you're going to be 3 or 4 feet. No matter what the shot or lie I have, I always try to hole it.
Monday 9th June 2008

I hit balls for a couple of hours this morning with Neil and absolutely ripped them, it's really starting to feel comfortable. Last week was very close to being good, it's such a fine line between 40th and top 5. In the afternoon I was out at Banchory to have some pictures taken for The Paul Lawrie Scottish School Championship which takes place on Monday 16th June. The boys will play at Inchmarlo Golf Club and the Girls play at Banchory Golf Club.

Good luck to my pal Alastair Forsyth who is playing in his first US Open this week.

Sunday 8th June 2008

Austria Open 3RD 68+69+70=207 (-6)

I had a strange day today, I played ok but just couldn't get going. I hit a lot of good shots but also some poor ones which I haven't done until today. I probably tried too hard, I hit the ball great while warning up and I guess I was expecting more than I got. Overall this week I drove the ball excellant but struggled to score, I had loads of birdie chances but just couldn't convert them. I have next week off where I plan to continue the hard work of late.
Saturday 7th June 2008

Austria Open 2RD 68+69=137 (-5)

Today was pretty similar to yesterday, I hit the ball well and had loads of chances but only shot 2 under par to be 5 under overall. There was no wind today and the greens are so pure you expect to make lots of birdies. I have hit a lot of balls this week with gloves under each arm trying to get my arms closer to my body during the swing. I have certainly driven the ball better so far and I will go and work on it again this afternoon.
Friday 6th June 2008

Austria Open 1RD 68 (-3)

Even though I shot 3 under par today, I felt I left quite a few shots out on the course. I played very well however I made a poor bogey at the 18th. I was going into the green with a 3 iron and thinned it a bit and it went into the water. Overall it should have been lower. The course is awesome and it's one of the best I've played, apparently Doug Carrick designed it. He also designed The Carrick at Loch Lomond.
Thursday 5th June 2008

Austria Open

There was no play today at all, it rained heavily from about 3am this morning right through until lunchtime. I went to the gym in the morning and then had lunch with Stevie Gallacher and Stevie O Hara. I watched an awful lot of dvds in the afternoon. It hasn't rained now since 1pm so it should be ok for tomorrow.
Wednesday 4th June 2008
Thunder and lightening meant the pro am was cancelled for the second week in a row. I had only played 6 holes when the siren went. Andy and I were going to walk the rest but because of the lightening we decided against it. The holes I played were fantastic and the course is in great condition, especially the greens. I play tomorrow at 1.05pm.
Tuesday 3rd June 2008
My alarm clock was pleading for mercy this morning as it went off at 6am again. I met Neil at 7am at Meldrum where we warmed up then played 9 holes. It was then home for a quick change and off to the airport to catch the 11.55am flight to Heathrow then on to Vienna for the Austrian Open. We arrived in a downpour, it probably hasn't rained here for months but the tour is in town this week!! I have heard so many good reports about the course, I'm really looking forward to seeing it tomorrow.
Monday 2nd June 2008
I played 9 holes today with David Law, Kris Nicol and Philip McLean, I really enjoy passing on what I've learnt over the years. I had a chat to Philip about his DQ at the Scottish Strokeplay yesterday, he held his hands up and said he made a mistake and signed for a wrong score. It happens but I bet he never does it again. It's a pity because he would have finished in third place which would have been a good finish for him but at least he's on the right road. I always play them for a fiver and so far the old pro is undefeated.
Sunday 1st June 2008

I was on the range early again this morning........I better watch out or people will start thinking I actually work for a living. I have spent a fair bit of time this weekend working on coming across the ball more on the downswing which stops the club getting behind me causing inconsistency. It feels great, I just need to transfer it to the course.

Michael's FDS team had their end of season party today. They went tubing out at the Alford Dry Ski Slope, we all had a great time. Congratulations to all the players and coaches for a very good season.