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Tues 30th July

Yesterday I went up to the course early to hit some balls and work on a few things.  I played nine holes with Stephen Gallacher, Martin Laird and Ritchie Ramsay which was good fun.  Ritchie and I played against the other two with the match finishing all square thanks to Ritchie holing a bunker shot at the last ( losing 50 bucks would have given him heart attack)  After some lunch I went to short game area and putting green.  This week is a brilliant tournament on a very good course.  Last week was great just to get away and relax but now its head down and kick on hopefully.  

Monday 29th July

We got home on Saturday afternoon from Torridon.  I had a quick bowl of soup at Deeside then played 9 holes and watched the boys play the back nine in the medal.  Michael was 70 and Craig 71 which off the gold tees was a good effort for young Michael.   He is now 2.6 handicap , Craig drove down to Blairgowrie yesterday for this weeks Scottish amatuer

Yesterday I spent the day hitting balls at PLGC with Michael our plan was to play golf but the weather was awful which is a pity as a game would have been good.  We also got haircuts and I changed Michaels grips in the garage.

I flew at 06 40 this morning to Heathrow for the first of my three flights today eventually getting to Ohio tonight for this weeks Bridgestone invitational.

Saturday - Guest Blog

We have had a fantastic week up in Torridon.   Us girls have had a lot to put up with this week as always from Patience (Paul), Precious (Alan) and Arthur (Brian).

Paul took over the driving from Audrey at Kinlochewe and nearly drove us over the edge of a sheer drop as he could not find reverse gear.   The roads are narrow with lots of passing places and God help someone who didn't wave a "thank you" if Patience pulled in to let them pass.  "Aye nae bother you *****!!"    and  "This clown is getting on my t**s" and "40mph on a main road is a total's frightening!!!" was heard on several occasions when he couldn't overtake.

The pace of life was slow and calm in Torridon until Mr Lawrie turned up with his moans and total lack of patience - toast took to long coming to the table, his spoon wasn't long enough to stir his latte, his Guinness not cold enough, nae phone service and wifi, too many midges, his shoulders too sore with his backpack, his groun was sore on his bike and his foot was louping................need we go on but you get the drift.   We now have sympathy for poor Davie, he should be getting the OBE!!!

Each morning patience would ask Marian "Is my rucksack ready?"  She would reply......"Yes, I've emptied out your rubbish from yesterday, washed your water bottle and filled it up, put in your packed lunch, the sun cream and insect repellent is in the bathroom ready for you to yes your rucksack is ready!!!"   MBE (Marian's B****y Efforts)

The day we played archery patience was also the only one that needed help to put on the arm protector.......Oh me there is a wee bit of precious in Patience.

While ordering our packed lunch one evening Patience says "I don't eat sandwiches but my memory is so bad I maybe do"    Old age or what!!

Prize for the biggest f***y of the week also has to go to Paul.   After a long days' walking we stopped to paddle out feet in the water to cool them down.   Guess who was last in and first out?!!!  Yes you guessed right!   After a squeal like a girl he then said "this is far too cold" and out came his feet.   We think he was too pampered growing up in Kemnay.   Check out the photo below of the three of us with says it all.   Look who is wearing the jacket and who said so much "am I the only one feeling the cold?"

We hope that you have all enjoyed reading the blog this week.   It makes a change from reading about how well Paul has played, how many putts he missed and how much less he should have scored...........Yawn!!

Audrey, Val and Marian xxx

PS We love you really .............




Can I get some help?


Now that's really cold!!!


Day 4 Cycling and Archery

After breakfast we all went for a bike run which was great fun. As Audrey was testing her bike she said "let me get this right......the higher the gear, the teucher it is!!!! Arthur (Wiggins) had a great time and was pretty fast until he tried to let someone pass and crashed into the railing. Good job the railing was there or he would have been Tom Daley (minus the body). We also found out that it's nae just her feet that Val struggles to stay upright's bike as well. Lol We all loved the bike run, it was great fun and very relaxing. We had lunch at the Inn where we have been eating at night which has been very good all week. Then we had a go at archery which again was awesome fun and the first time most of us had tried it. We split into teams with myself and Marian narrowly winning (aye right easy easy easy)


Day 3 Walking Holiday, 25 July

Day 3 Beinn Eighe mountain trail – quite far!!!

Arthur had poached haddock for breakfast this morning. When it arrived Audrey said "what a smell".  "Just wait till you smell it later” came the reply!!!


We all used to think Wee Alan was really slow and this week has just proved us all right. To be fair he's deceiving; he's actually slower than he looks.  This morning Val got fed up waiting for Wee Precious so decided to head downstairs to which Alan said "you can't go yet that will make me look slow" !!!!!

Poor Val has the first blister of the week (compeed queen now has 3) - she also fell again today so has spent more time on her ass than her feet !!!

Near the top this morning Arthur looked to be struggling so I asked him if he was ok.  "4 miles my ass" was the short but to the point reply.   Today was really good but a tough walk to the top as it was really steep, so a big well done everyone. It looked like at one point Arthur might need a carry - thank god I'm nae a team player!




Day 2 - Incheril to Loch Maree 24 July 2013

Day 2 from Incheril up to Loch Maree then up to Glenn Bianasdail - 14 miles

Last night playing keno Audrey said “Fit a dreep Brian” when Arthur (Brian) refused to steal a nice prize from Val - and I thought Ryder Cup was competitive !!!!!

We got a wee bit lost today and Audrey said “Did we tell the hotel where we were going?”

“Did we tell hotel what time we'd be back?”

“Did you suggest that Audrey?”

We all paddled our feet in the water during lunch which was lovely if maybe a little cold ahhh!  Arthur needed 3 of the girls to help him get back to his feet (nae a pretty sight)


I was telling everyone about Johnny Murtagh the jockey I played with in the Irish Open pro am when Audrey said “Do elephants need jockeys. That would be a fine job for you Brian!!!!”

Today was again very enjoyable but very hot.

Huge congrats to Val who didn't fall on her ass, which is quite incredible.


Walking Holiday 2013 - 23 July

This year we are staying at the Torridon Hotel all week and doing walks each day


There are 6 of us again this year Brian/Audrey Morrison, Alan/Val Reid and Marian and I.  We met up with Brian and Audrey in Inverurie as Brian has one of the Football club mini buses, Audrey drove the first bit and did very well until she took a wrong turn in Elgin thinking she was going to Johnstons  of Elgin (Turra queen likes the cashmere) she also had some back seat drivers chipping in with comments - Brian must be on the brave pills.  We arrived at 4pm then met downstairs for drinks and to play keno, which as ever was competitive with some strange prizes (including a space hopper!).

Day 1 Torridon Hotel - Coire Mhic Fhearchair - 15 miles

Before we set off we had a lovely breakfast where Marian said “I hope there's nae any highland coo pork sausages” - pea and ham fae a chicken but pork fae a coo (silly b***h) and Brian said “I think I'm going to struggle this year as I've done nae training think I'll need some tow rope !!!!” Today was pretty tough with quite a lot of uphill and downhill bits but overall very enjoyable

Just as I had been praising Val for not falling (which she is prone to) she duly fell flat on her ass (plenty o padding so she was ok lol)val_fallen_320_02

The Open 4RD 81+69+70+72=292 (+8)

I got off to a fantastic start today with birdies at the first and third holes but bogeys at five and six and a double at the eighth followed by an eagle at nine meant the front nine was not dull.   I finished up with 72 +1 to be +8 for the week and in a tie for 26th which considering I shot 81 the first day was a very good effort indeed.   Huge congrats to Phil Mickelson who's round of 66 today was very very impressive I have a week off now then two weeks in America.


The Open 3RD 81+69+70=220 (+7)
After my round yesterday we had a bite to eat then packed up and headed home thinking +8 had no chance. In my defence no one else did either but thankfully it did so we packed a bag and left the house just after 9pm to drive back down. I shot 70 -1 this morning to be +7 overall which should jump up the board a wee bit. I hit it nicely and could have been a few less but just playing is a bonus.
The Open 2RD 81+69=150 (+8)

Hit it really nicely this morning to shoot 69 -2 to finish +8 overall , the pins were a little easier but the course was still very tough , we had a quick bite to eat in the players lounge then headed up the road , we're now watching it on tv with the cut creeping closer to us. 

The Open 1RD 81 (+10)

Got off to a horrible start today with terrible tee shot way left off the first tee then three putting from 25 feet for a double bogey 6.   Unfortunately things didn't improve much as shot 81 +10 ,  didn't deserve anything lower as hit it awful all day  very very disappointing day.

Wednesday 17th July
I played the front nine at 8am with Sergio Garcia and Marc Warren which was fun. It would be impossible for the course to be any better but if the wind blows hard the rough could be tricky.
Tuesday 16th July

Marian and I drove down to Muirfield for this week's Open Championship. After hitting some balls I played the back nine with Ernie Els, Brandon Grace and Robert Garrigus. The course is in superb condition and the weather was glorious. In the evening we both attended the Golf Writers dinner which was a good evening.


Scottish Open 4RD 69+71+73+71=284 (-4)

It was quite a bit cooler this morning with a stronger breeze which made scoring much more difficult as only 13 players broke par today.   I hit the ball extremely well, hitting 17 greens in regulation but again the putter was cold (sorry for the broken record)   I shot 71 which was a good score and manage to jump up the leaderboard a little bit.   Huge thanks to everyone connected with this week especially Castle Stuart, Aberdeen Asset Management, the Scottish Government and the European Tour who have all played their part in making this week a very successful Scottish Open.  Thanks also to Luke and the boys in the Official Merchandise Tent for selling our Paul Lawrie Collection shirts etc.


Scottish Open 3RD 69+71+73=213 (-3)

I teed off in the third group at 9.50am this morning with Matthew Baldwin from Southport.   My ball striking wasnt quite so good today but again the biggest struggled was with the putter.....taking 33 putts which meant I shot 73 (+1) to drop further down the leaderboard.   After my round I did a Q and A with Andrew Cotter in the tented village which went down very well with everyone and was good fun.   I also did a book signing at the merchandising tent.   We met up with our friends Alan & Val Reid and their boys Calum and Logan for dinner in the evening which was good fun (maybe it was the guinness)


Scottish Open 2RD 69+71=140 (-4)

Today was again very hot with the course starting to get bouncy and firm.   I hit the ball really nicely but struggled a wee bit with the putter eventually birdieing the 18th hole to finish on -4 to make the cut on the mark.   I spent some time on the putting green with my coach Andrew Locke after my round as he had noticed something in my stroke he wanted to work on.


Scottish Open 1RD 69 (-3)

We are at Castle Stuart this week for the Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open which is one of my favourite weeks of the year. On Wednesday morning I was given an award from Winning Scotland for my career to date and for our work with junior golf, which was extremely nice of them. Today in the first round I shot 69 which with no wind wasn't that good but there's a long way to go. I also had a Q & A in the Aberdeen Asset pavilion this afternoon followed by a book signing in the tented village.


Friday 5th July

Last week I struggled with my back and groin quite a bit so when I got home on Monday and it was no better I decided to pull out of this weeks French open which is disappointing as the national golf course is one of the best we play all year.   I have been to see Gillian Mitchell  twice this week firstly for my back and then for my neck.   Gillian is first class so will be no problem for next week!!

I have been at PLGC all this week which has been busy as the weather has been pretty good.  I have also had quite a bit of press to do this week with Scottish Open and then the Open in the next two weeks which is my favourite two weeks of the year.