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Saturday 31st July 2010

Irish Open 3RD 66+72+72=210 (-3)

Today was almost a carbon copy of yesterday, I played really good and seemed to miss a putt on every green.   During the last two days I can't think of any poor putts that I've hit....they just haven't gone in.   Again today I could have easily been 5 or 6 shots less so there are plenty of positives but it's extremely frustrating at the same time.   The weather was also the same with some showers and a bit of wind.
Friday 30th July 2010

Irish Open 2RD 66+72=138 (-4)

I shot one over today, I played ok and hit a lot of really good putts without holing anything.   It was quite a bit tougher today compared to yesterday.   We are now 4 under which is lying 19th....we need a low weekend.
Thursday 29th July 2010

Irish Open 1RD 66 (-5)

I played and putted really good this morning to shoot 66 -5.   It was a lovely morning with little or no wind at all.   I have been using the putting arc a lot this week and it feels much better.   I also used a line on my ball for the first time today to help me line up the putter better.
Wednesday 28th July 2010
I played in the pro am this morning with 3 great lads.   Two of them were brothers from Belfast who have a company called BRS can book tee times at over 400 courses in the UK and Ireland.   The other chap, Shannon works for the Golf Channel in America.   The weather was poor this morning with constant rain.   I didn't remember much about the course but it's in superb condition and is a really nice layout.
Tuesday 27th July 2010
Marian and I flew from Aberdeen to Kerry this morning for this week's Irish Open at Killarney.   The last time I played was in 1992 which was my first year on tour.   We stayed that year in a B&B owned by a lady called Carmel.   Carmel happens to be courtesy car driver this week and she collected Marian and I from the airport today.   Sorry for not recognising you Carmel but it has been 18 years, it was great to see you again.   I hit some balls and putted for ages, I decided to work with the putting arc again, hopefully it will make a difference.   We both went to the gym in the afternoon and are now having food in a lovely restaurant in town.   I'm half was through a pint of Murphy' canna beat it!
Monday 26th July 2010

I was down at Kingsbarns today for a golf day for Pentagon Freight.   We had 20 staff and customers, it was a lovely day and some great banter especially from Big Al who said to Jamie (4sports)' this rain must be killing your hair gel'.   I gave a clinic in the morning then played a few holes with each group.   We had dinner at the Old Course Hotel overlooking the 17th fairway.   It was a fantastic way to end a great day.   Thanks lads....I had a blast!   Looking forward to the next one in Dubai.  (Tough life eh?)   Marian and I fly to Ireland tomorrow morning for this week's Irish Open.


Tuesday 20th July 2010
I was down at the Senior's Open at Carnoustie this morning to meet Tom Watson who very kindly offered to sign 100 Graeme Baxter Carnoustie prints.   That's now all four Carnoustie Open Champions on them...........Gary Player, Padraig Harrington, Tom Watson and myself.   We will be selling them for my Foundation.   I must be looking old as Mike Clayton said 'play well this week'..........which I thought was quite funny, it was nice to see some old faces again.
Monday 19th July 2010

I left Aberdeen at 7am this morning to fly to Manachester for a Kalixa golf day at De Vere Mottram Hall.   Kalixa are my front of hat sponsor and today was our first golf day for them.   There were 18 competition winners, I gave a clinic in the morning, then after lunch I played three holes with each group.   It was a lovely day and the course was superb.   I'm now in Manchester airport waiting to fly home.

Sunday 18th July 2010
I hit balls early again this morning........I'm hitting it nicely.   I have been working on getting my hands lower at impact, when my hands come in too high the club gets behind me and I have to release the club too much, so I'm working on getting them lower and making sure I keep my right side going well through the shot.   I also played two lots of nine holes, on the second nine I put a line on my ball to help me line up the putter which I have been really struggling with.   I putted much better so let's hope it helps in Ireland.   Huge congrats to Louis...the new Open Champion, I thought he played awesome the last two days....very calm and in total control.   He's going to be a very busy boy for the next year but he will have a blast, I wish him all the best.   I bet Ernie Els is very proud, as Loius came through his Foundation in South Africa....fantastic!!
Saturday 17th July 2010
I was out at Pine Lodge hitting balls early this morning then spent the rest of the day at home working on chipping and putting.   Adam gave me some putting drills to work on last week so I plan on getting my head down and working hard on them.   Marian and and I watched quite a bit of the golf on telly, it looked pretty windy again but I would still love to be there.
Friday 16th July 2010

Open 2RD 69+82=151 (+7)

A very tough day with heavy rain for the first two holes then a howling gale for the remainder of the round.   I struggled to get into any rhythm after bogeying the third and fourth.   The wind became so strong we had a one hour delay and even when we started playing again it was only marginally better.   My poor score today wasn't caused just by the wind, I struggled with my whole game.   I'm very disappointed to be heading home with two missed cuts in two of the biggest events of the year.
Thursday 15th July 2010

Open 1RD 69 (-3)

I shot three under 69 this morning.   It was a bit of a shock teeing off at 6.30am but it actually turned out perfect as it was very calm first thing.   I played good and should have been a few shots less but I guess you can always say that.   I went up to the Radio Scotland booth on top of the grandstand at 18 for an hour, I did that last year at the Scottish's always good fun.   It always amazes me how easy Richard Gordon makes it look.


On the tee 6.30am

Wednesday 14th July 2010

Pretty horrible day with heavy rain and wind, I hit a few balls and putted with some coffee breaks to dry off.  I was in the merchandise tent for an hour signing autographs on the Glenmuir stand which was really busy due to the bad weather outside.   The Champions Challenge was cancelled which was frustrating as I was really looking forward to playing with Trevino.   Padraig and I had a photo shoot on the Swilken Bridge for Wilson Staff which was good fun.   I'm off to my bed now as my alarm is set for 4.45am, good job I'm a past champion or god knows what time I would have been out!!!


Tuesday 13th July 2010

I teed off from the third at 7am this morning and played all the way round with Gonzalo Fernandez Castano.  It was a lovely day again with just a wee breeze blowing.   I spent a lot of time on the putting green in the afternoon.  In the evening I was at the Champions Dinner in the R & A clubhouse where 26 Open Champions gathered for a photograph on the first tee and then dinner.   We all received a replica buckle from the original belt which is beautiful.   Tom Watson spoke on behalf of the players, his speech was very good indeed.   Most of the talk was of the great condition of the course.....I agree, it's the best I've seen it for years.   There was also a short video message played from Seve Ballesteros which was great, we all wish he could be here this week.


Practise Round

champions dinner.jpg

Open Champions on the first tee

Monday 12th July 2010
Marian and I were a Lundin Links on Sunday evening handing out the competitors badges for this week's R & A Junior Open Championship.
Friday 9th July 2010

Scottish Open 2RD 74+73=147 (+5)

Very difficult conditions this morning with heavy rain for much of the round.   I played pretty much the same and didn't hole any more putts than yesterday so 73 +2 to finish +5 overall.   I'm very disappointed obviously especially as I hit it pretty good both days.   As we were leaving to drive home the sun had come out and it was a beautiful afternoon but that's the luck of the draw, I suppose.   Well done to big Darren who played the game behind us and shot 2 fantastic scores in awful weather.....good luck over the weekend big chap!
Thursday 8th July 2010

Scottish Open 1RD 74 (+3)

Very disappointing 74 +3 today, I played nicely and could easily have been under par but yet again I missed so many putts.   I drove it fantastic and gave myself a load of chances but when you miss 6 or 7 inside 5 feet it makes it impossible.   I'm really struggling to line the putter correctly.
Wednesday 7th July 2010
I played the pro am which was a shotgun at 12.30pm, we teed off at the 4th.   It was windy but dry apart from one little shower.   The course is again in fantastic condition and it set up for a great week.   There is a tremendous field playing this week.
Tuesday 6th July 2010
I headed up to Loch Lomond to hit some balls and play 9 holes with David Law, Martin Laird and Graeme Storm.   It's a big week for David but one I'm sure he's looking forward to.
Monday 5th July 2010
I flew into Glasgow on Sunday afternoon from Paris it was extremely bumpy which was no fun.   We were at the Carrick today for a pro am to raise money for Adam Hunter, we had 18 teams teeing off in a 2pm shotgun.   My thanks to sponsors and professionals for coming to support Adam.   My team of Alan Reid, Colin Fraser and Ross Blackadder won with a score of 60 -11.   We all had a great day.  A big thank you to all the staff at the Carrick, the course and the food were superb.  Thanks to Marian and also Michael from the PGA for running the day, you did a fantastic job!
Sunday 4th July 2010

French Open 4RD 72+71+73+66=282 (-2)

I played the best of the week today 66 -5.   I hit is as good as I can and putted a little better but still left quite a few shots out there.    It's a nice way to end a frustrating week.

Saturday 3rd July 2010

French Open 3RD 72+71+73=216 (+3)

Not much of a blog today as I'm fed up saying the same things everyday.   I'm sure you're fed up reading it.   Played good and missed a lot of putts then hit my only poor shot at the 9th which was my last hole to finish with a double bogey............lovely just lovely!!
Friday 2nd July 2010

French Open 2RD 72+71=143 (+1)

I played lovely today and missed a load of putts.   I didn't putt poorly, just didn't make any.   I shot 71 level par to be one over total.   It was breezy again this morning which was tricky especially with the course getting very hard and bouncy.   It hit it inside 15 feet for ten holes in a row today and never holed one of them.   It was extremely hot agian, the hottest I've ever been in Europe.
Thursday 1st July 2010

French Open 1RD 72 (+1)

There was a bit of wind this afternoon which made the course quite tricky.   I struggled a bit shooting 72 +1.   I couldn't get going at all today, every time I made a birdie I would make a bogey to give it straight back.   I did hit some poor shots so one over was no disaster.