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Friday 31st July 2009

Scottish Challenge 2RD 71+71=142 LVL

Another level par 71 today, I struggled a bit today so I was happy with level.   The wind again was quite strong, the course is really firm which makes it so tough to get it close.
Thursday 30th July 2009

Scottish Challenge 1RD 71 LVL

I shot level par today which was a good score in the afternoon.   The wind and conditions were much tougher in the afternoon.   There were 18 under par rounds in the morning but only two in the afternoon.
Wednesday 29th July 2009
I played in the Scottish Hydro Challenge Pro am this morning.   Craig, Michael and my nephew Sean were my team, we all played really well to shoot -18 which finished second.....a really good effort by the boys.   We then went to the Highland Wildlife Park in the afternoon which is always really good.
Tuesday 28th July 2009

I saw Adam Hunter this morning at Aspire which I must say is in superb condition.   He said my chip and runs were too wristy on the way back then too long on the way through.   We drive up to Aviemore this afternoon for this week's Scottish Hydro Challenge at Spey Valley which should be a good week.

Monday 27th July 2009

I left the house at 4.30am this morning to drive down to Largs to see Bob Torrance.   We worked for 4 hours on squaring up my left foot at address and improving my left leg action at the start of the downswing.   I drove home and did some work on it.   Adam Hunter is up tomorrow for short game.

Saturday 25th July 2009
Family Lawrie all played in the pro's day at Deeside this afternoon.   Congratulations to Frank Coutts and his wife Sheila for a fantastic day of fun.   We finished second with the boys playing really well.
Friday 24th July 2009

I hit balls at Deeside this morning and then went to Peterculter with the boys for the junior open.   I hit balls while the boys played the first few holes but unfortunately it was cancelled because of thunder and lightening.

Last night I was at the airport to help promote the new 'European Golf & Leisure Show' which inolved me hitting drivers off the runway...which was really cool!!

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Photo courtesy of Colin Rennie


Thursday 23rd July 2009
I have spent the last two days hitting plenty of balls at Deeside working on the things Bob gave me to do.   I have also made sure I have played at least nine holes every day which is important.   I walked a few holes with the boys in the medal today.   Michael played great to shoot nett 62 which cut his handicap to 20.
Tuesday 21st July 2009
I left the house at 4.15am this morning to drive to Largs to see Bob Torrance.   I spent all morning with him on the range, I really like the ideas he has for my long game so I have agreed to work with him full time.   My next tournament is the Scottish Hyrdo Challenge in Aviemore which starts on Thursday 30th July.
Sunday 19th July 2009

Open 4RD 71+73+76+68=288 (+8)

I played much better today hitting lots of really good shots.   I shot 68 to finish eight over for the week.   I saw Bob Torrance again this morning before I teed off.   I holed my second shot at the par 5, 7th hole for an albatross which was the first time I have ever done that.   I only hit two shots off line today but they cost me four shots, making a triple bogey at twelve and bogey at the 14th after hitting it left off the tee.    I have been away from home for three weeks now so I am really looking forward to getting up the road.


Saturday 18th July 2009

Open 3RD 71+73+76=220 (+10)

Very poor day with the ball striking.   I shot 76 to be ten over total.   I had a lesson with Bob Torrance on the range this afternoon and really liked what he had to say.   Michael and I played the pitch and putt all afternoon on the wee course in front of the Turnberry Hotel.
Friday 17th July 2009

Open 2RD 71+73=144 (+4)

Totally different weather today.   I shot 73 to finish four over total.   I really struggled this morning but my short game was again good.   The course was at least four shots tougher today.
Thursday 16th July 2009

Open 1RD 71 (+1)

It was one of those days today where I played good but didn't score.   I finished with 71 +1 it was a really nice day with little or no wind.   I only hit it off line three times but made two bogeys and a double bogey but that's golf I guess.
Wednesday 15th July 2009

Like yesterday I teed off at 6am, there was again little or no wind.   It was so nice my caddie Andy and I were taking photographs out at the 9th and 10th tees.   After my practise round I was on the Glenmuir stand for an hour signing autographs.


Tuesday 14th July 2009
I played the course at 6am this morning with Michael Campbell.   It was a really nice morning with just a small breeze blowing.   The course is magnificient both in condition and layout.   I will play early again tomorrow and then relax in the afternoon.
Monday 13th July 2009
We had some breakfast in the hotel then headed over to the course to register and have a good look round. I hit some balls and did some short game work. I will play really early tomorrow morning. All the players are saying the rough is very thick! There is a really good pitch and putt course in front of the Turnberry Hotel where Michael has already played five rounds of twelve holes.
Sunday 12th July 2009

Scottish Open 4RD 68+72+68+72=280 (-4) T25

The weather was totally different this morning when I teed off, much cooler and raining. I shot 72 one over par to finish four under par tied 25th. I played pretty good today but holed very little. I had a very poor finish three putting both the 17th and 18th which was a pity but it happens. My playing partner of the first two days, Martin Kaymer won by 2 shots which made it two wins in a row. We drove through to Turnberry for this weeks Open Championship.
Saturday 11th July 2009

Scottish Open 3RD 68+72+68=208 (-5)

Friday 10th July 2009

Scottish Open 2RD 68+72=140 (-2)

Thursday 9th July 2009

Scottish Open 1RD 68 (-3)

Wednesday 8th July 2009
Tuesday 7th July 2009
Sunday 5th July 2009

French Open 4RD 67+74+71+72=284 (LVL)

Another kick in the teeth late on today meant I shot one over par 72 to finish the week on level par.   I was two under for the day with three to play.   I blocked by 7 iron shot at the 16th into the water then got a flyer at the 18th that also went into the water.   Overall this week I made a lot of mistakes I wouldn't normally make but there was also some good stuff in there.   I fly to Glasgow tonight for this week's Scottish Open.   Tomorrow I have my Foundation Pro am at the Carrick where we have a great field of tour winners playing.

Saturday 4th July 2009

French Open 3RD 67+74+71=212 (-1)

I played pretty good today and finished with level par 71, I probably deserved a little better especially after making double bogey at the last which never leaves a good taste in the mouth.


Friday 3rd July 2009

French Open 2RD 67+74=141 (-1)

I made so many mental errors today it's frightening.   I putted nicely yesterday but that certainly wasn't the case today.


Thursday 2nd July 2009

French Open 1RD 67 (-4)

I shot 67 today  and played good on the front none but struggled a bit on the back nine but did really well to finish off with a birdie 3 on the toughest hole.   For the first time in a while I probably got more than I deserved.   It was incredibly hot again today.


Wednesday 1st July 2009
It was very, very hot today.   I played in the afternoon shotgun pro am, the course is quite wet especially the greens which is a pity as it's normally hard and fast here.