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31 Jan

I went to the mall of the Emirates this morning then headed up to Emirates GC to hit balls all afternoon , Andrew Locke said the club looked behind me at Impact causing the low left pulls I struggled with on Sunday so I worked on lower hands and more left through impact today and hit it much better , if anything yesterday has made me even more keen to climb the rankings and feel pretty close

Qatar masters R4 - 30 Jan

Shot 78+6 today , hit it poor and putted horrific which is not a good combination , got really unlucky on a few holes but overall struggled  a bit today which is disappointing but it is what it is , still it's been a good week with loads of positives just a bit hacked off to shoot that today when it was the last thing I was expecting , big thanks to everyone at Doha golf club and congrats to Brandon grace who was the first player to successfully defend the Qatar masters this week , flying to dubai now for next week's desert classic

Qatar masters R3 - 29 Jan

Was quite a bit more wind today so 70-2 was decent effort , could easily have been a few less as hit some good putts that missed but overall it was a good day

Qatar masters R2 - 28 Jan

Played very nicely again today to shoot 66-6 for -11 overall and leading by one shot , it was pretty calm for our first 10 holes then the wind picked up a little but nothing like what they thought the it would be

Qatar masters R1 - 27 Jan

Shot 67-5 this afternoon which was really good effort as it was pretty breezy , long game was really good and managed to hole a few putts which is always nice

Qatar Masters Pro-Am - 26 Jan

It was pretty windy today but we all had a great day and a good laugh. The tour tested a new pro am format today which is called a "shambles" - a Texas scramble with a twist , play was quite a bit quicker so I think it was a success.

Commercial Bank Qatar masters - 25 Jan

I stayed in Abu Dhabi and hit balls Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning then flew to Doha for this week's Qatar masters , I played the back nine this morning the course, as always, is immaculate with a bit less rough than last week. My putting was again pretty poor last week so I've spent a bit of time on the putting arc which I borrowed from Marc Warren so hopefully will hole a few this week , having had some success here it's always great to come back to a course you've played well on , forecast is for strong winds so the tour have not cut the greens down much and were pretty slow today but it makes sense if forecast is accurate

Will be hoping to repeat my 2012 win this week if I can

Hsbc Abu Dhabi R2 - 23 Jan

We had another fog delay this morning which meant we restarted at 10 30am - I had birdie chances at 6 of the 8 holes I had left to play but I played them in level par which is disappointing shooting 71-1 to miss the cut by 5 shots , the damage was done on Thursday where I struggled with the driver and the putter , my short game hasn't been great of late and today  I was 3/11 up and downs which is very poor for my level. Davy and I spent a bit of time chipping and putting this afternoon and we will continue that tomorrow before flying to Qatar. Massive thanks to everyone from HSBC for another very well run event

Hsbc Abu Dhabi R2 - 22 Jan

We had a 2-and-a-half-hour delay this morning for fog, which meant we only managed to play 10 holes. I am currently -1 for the day and +4 for the event so will need some birdies over the next 8 holes, I have hit it a lot better than yesterday but again have failed to convert enough putts but we still have a chance so as always will give it 100% when we restart at 07 40 am.

Hsbc Abu Dhabi R1 - 21 Jan

Shot 77+5 this morning  really struggled with the driver and had 34 putts which is not a good combo !! The rough is extreme and pretty hard to find your ball at times so hitting fairways is a must which I didn't do today , my groin and foot weren't great at the start but eased off during the day , swing felt short and quick today so I hit some balls on the range working on longer and slower

Hsbc Abu Dhabi Wednesday - 20 Jan

No Pro-Am for me today so spent from 9am -2pm working on bits and pieces , it was again perfect weather and pretty hot , we had a players meeting and then a commitee meeting last night which was very good. Getty images took some pics of my new golf bag this morning which look good.

HSBC Abu Dhabi - 18 Jan

I flew overnight from Joburg to Dubai with Emirates then got a car up the road to Abu Dhabi for this week's HSBC Abu Dhabi championship. After a quick shower, I headed to the course to do some short game and putting , Davy and I will play tomorrow morning as I'm not in the pro am this week

Joburg open round 4 - 17 Jan

Shot 70-2 this morning to finish the week at -7 and in a tie for 31st , was a little bit frustrated today as I hit it really solid but gave away too many silly shots but it's the first week of the year so to be expected. Massive thanks to everyone involved this week I've really enjoyed it and was good to get 4 rounds under my belt before moving onto the Middle East swing which is always good

Joburg Open Round 3 - 16 Jan

Hit it much better than yesterday but could only manage 72 (Lvl) which leaves me on -5 with 1 round to go. My foot was still sore but thankfully my groin was better. Didn't really do much wrong today but struggled to get it close enough to score any better and there was slightly more wind, which made a few holes pretty tricky

Joburg open round 2 - 15 Jan

Teed off early at 7 30am this morning shot 69-3 which was a really good effort as I had a sore left groin and foot for most of the day , I struggle to get through the shot when my left side is sore so end up backing out and hitting it with the hands too much.  I drove it horrendously but got the most I could out of it which is what you have to do sometimes , I'm now -5 and just outside top 30 heading into the weekend

Joburg open round 1 - 14 Jan

It was a little cooler today which was nice , I hit it good to shoot 69-2 , it could have been a few less but it was a decent day for first day of the year so I can't complain 😬  , I played on the shorter west course which is quite a bit easier than the east which I play tomorrow at 7 30am

Joburg Open Wednesday 13 Jan

I headed up to the course early this morning and played the west course with Eduardo molinari , we are playing both the east and west course this week , the west is a lot shorter and scoring will be a good 2 shots lower than the east , both course are in very good condition

Joburg Open Pro-Am - 12 Jan

We had a very enjoyable pro am round this morning , course is very good and In fantastic condition , I last played here about 6 or 7 years ago but I remembered most of the holes , I struggled a bit off the tee this morning but nothing too serious and the first week back is never my strongest but I hit it reasonable overall. Davy said to me on the back nine that I hadn't been drinking much water it's amazing how you get out of the way of regular routine when you have some time off

Joburg Open

I left yesterday evening to fly to Johannesburg for this weeks Joburg Open , this week is also the start of my 25th year on tour ( no wonder I've got grey hair ) amazing to think back when Marian and I set off in 1992 that 25 years later I'd still be going , as always I still really enjoy playing and fingers crossed with injuries I'd like to play a full schedule We have started a new clothing company called Cardinal which was our younger son Michael's idea. We will be doing apparel & accessories and will start with a small collection this year but growing considerably going forward. I will carry the logo on my golf bag this year and as well as on my cap , Cardinal is something Craig , Michael , Marian and myself are all involved in so will be good fun


We came back from our holidays a day early as PLGC had flooded pretty badly , the water was up to the balcony outside Clarets coffee shop which is incredible , quite a bit of damage has been done to left hand bags and the building downstairs , we have seen some of the worst flooding since 1926 so not much you can do , everyone at PLGC really feels for all the families affected by the awful weather we've been getting , we've had a squad of people helping us this week which has included staff and foundation sponsored pros , the river bank down the left of the golf course has been damaged in spots so our priority is to get that repaired but the river level has to drop a bit for work to start

Annual Holidays

We were, like last year, in Abu Dhabi for our annual Xmas break this year staying at the park Hyatt which was very nice. We were there for 11 days in total and we all had a great time playing 9 holes pretty much every day at Saadiyat island GC and also managed a game at the national. one of the days was poor weather so we visited the grand mosque which was incredible and well worth going to see , unfortunately while we were away PLGC flooded quite badly which put a bit of a dampener on things but not much you can do but knuckle down get it repaired and get it open again as soon as we can