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Tuesday 31st January 2012
I flew to Qatar yesterday morning, which was only an hours flight.   After unpacking I went to the mall for the afternoon.   I went up to the course early this morning to do some short game then I played 9 holes.   The course is very good with much less rough than last year as apparently strong winds are forecast.   The greens are extremely firm so if it's windy it will make it tough to get it close.   I hit some balls on the range after lunch, which felt good.
Monday 30th January 2012
Overall last week was brilliant, the course was the best we've ever seen it.   The hotel is the best hotel we stay in all year and the field was very strong.   I went to the gym last night and pounded out my frustration over my missed putts, so I feel good today.   I fly to Qatar at 10am this morning, I'm really looking forward to the week ahead.
Sunday 29th January 2012

Abu Dhabi 4RD 70+69+68+72=279 (-9) 8T

I shot 72 today, which doesn't sound very good but I played really well again and missed soooooo many putts it was frightening.   I finished in a tie for 8th but really should have been better but that's golf.   I hit a really poor putt on the 9th, which threw me a bit and I struggled on the back nine.   I was extremely disappointed when I came off as I should have done better but it's another top ten and still a good week.   I managed to knock a few drives past Rory , which made an old man feel a bit younger.
Saturday 28th January 2012

Abu Dhabi 3RD 70+69+68=207 (-9)

I played afa good again today, I shot 68 -4 to be nine under and in a tie for third.   My only mistake today was missing the 14th green right when the pin was tight right but apart from that I played good and have given myself a chance for tomorrow, which is all you can do.


Friday 27th January 2012

Abu Dhabi 2RD 70+69=139 (-5)

I played nicely again to shoot 69 -3 to be five under overall.   I struggled a wee bit with the driver, hitting a few hooks but thankfully my iron play was very good again.   The only disappointing bit was that I three putted the 18th for a par but apart from that it was a good day.   I only hit a few balls on the range then headed back to the room to relax for the afternoon.


Thursday 26th January 2012

Abu Dhabi 1RD 70 (-2)

I shot 70 -2 today, I hit it good especially with the irons and the new driver felt great.   It was a little breezy this afternoon so 70 was a decent effort as the course is much tougher than previous years.   Just waiting for penne bolognese from room ha!


Wednesday 25th January 2012

I arrived in Abu Dhabi late on Monday evening from Joburg, which was an eight hour flight.   I had a long lie on Tuesday morning then headed up to the course to hit a few balls and do some short game practise. 

I played in the pro am at 7.30am this morning.   The course is in magnificient condition with quite a bit of rough and the greens are much firmer and quicker than in the past.   On the seventh tee today my tee shot made a bit of a funny noise and on inspection I noticed my driver face had cracked.   Davy headed off at the 9th to find a replacement from one of the Taylor Made reps.   I eventually found one that I like and hopefully it will be ok tomorrow.   It's a pity as I had found one that I really felt good with but there's not much you can do.


Sunday 22nd January 2012

Volvo Champions 4RD 72+68+74+74=288 (-4) 10T

I had a bit of everything today and eventually ended up with a 74 +1.   I drove the ball very good again but my irons were a little poor.   Overall it has been pretty good for my first week of the year.    I stay here tonight then fly to Abu Dhabi tomorrow via Joburg.
Saturday 21st January 2012

Volvo Champions 3RD 72+68+74=214 (-5)

It was much tougher today with a fair bit of wind and some heavy showers, which made it tricky.   I was +3 after three holes, which was incredible as I didn't hit any shot off line.   I shot 74 +1 which wasn't too bad overall after my start and the weather.   I drove the ball really really well again hitting 12 fairways for the second time this week.


Friday 20th January 2012

Volvo Champions2RD 72+68=140 (-6)

I didn't hit it quite so good today but the short game was much improved.   I shot 68 -5 to be six under overall and in a reasonable position with two rounds to go.   It was very hot again today with a little breeze.
Thursday 19th January 2012

Volvo Champions 1RD 72 (-1)

I hit it very good from tee to green but struggled with the short stuff which was a pity but I suppose  for the first event of the year you can expect that.   I made two eagles and a birdie but four bogeys is too many.   To be fair nine under round here is awesome shooting by Nicolas Colsaerts because if you go off line by five yards on some holes it's very punishing.   I'm just back from the gym again which is not my favourite past time but it's got to be done.


Wednesday 18th January 2012
I had a muscle spasm in my back this morning while on the range so after treatment the Tour were ok for me to play only nine holes in the pro am.   David Horsey took over and played the back nine with my pro am team.   I went back to see the physio who gave me some more pain.....lovely.   I should be ok for tomorrow though.
Tuesday 17th January 2012

I played the course this morning with Kennie Ferrie and I was very impressed with everything from the condition to the layout, it is very good indeed.   We had a photograph this afternoon for Volvo with all the players and a cheetah.....yes a live cheetah.   Some of the players were having photos with it but not me but it was very impressive to see it up close.   I'm just back from an hour in the gym totally knackered.




Monday 16th January 2012
My first event of 2012 has arrived.   This week I am in South Africa playing in the Volvo Champions tournament at Fan court which is in George.   The flight from Heathrow was pretty bumpy so I struggled to sleep which is unusual.   Fan Court is really nice and I'm looking forward to seeing the course tomorrow morning.   My room is in the Manor House which is pretty special.
Saturday 14th January 2012
Marian, Michael and I went to Pittodrie to watch Aberdeen v Kilmarnock, it was a dreadful game with nothing much to get excited about.
Friday 13th January 2012
I hit balls at Deeside in the morning in between cups of coffee from the pro shop.   In the afternoon Marian, Iain and I were at Hamptons to have a look at our new website they have been working on.   It looks great and hopefully it will be up and running soon.
Wednesday 11th January 2012

I was down at Gleneagles today with David Law and Iain Powell for a press conference to announce the Foundation as the new sponsor of the Scottish Boys Championship.   I would like to thank all our Foundation sponsors for making announcements like today possible.   We have signed a one year deal with an option to continue.   It's the biggest event for under 18 boys in Scotland so we are delighted to be involved.

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Tuesday 10th January 2012
I was at the Forfar v Aberdeen game on Saturday with my pal Alan Reid, it was really windy but 4-0 was a good result.   On Sunday I was at Stonehaven Golf Club to present the prizes at the junior prize giving and do a Q & A.   I was presented with an Honoury life membership by the club which was very nice of them.   Yesterday and today John Huggan is up staying with us to continue the work on my book.
Thursday 5th January 2012

We are just back from our annual holiday in Dubai.   We left from Glasgow on 23rd December and stayed at the Jebel Ali Hotel.   We had another fantastic time and played a lot of golf.   Like last year we kept scores everyday.   Craig and Michael tied for first and I finished third (from 3)   We also the played the Earth course and the Emirates as well as visiting the Burj Khalifa which was incredbile and well worth a visit.   Now it's back to the cold for ten days before my season starts in South Africa at the Volvo Champions event.



16th green at the Earth course