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Saturday 30th January 2010
As I expected +3 missed the cut by one shot, so I went up to the course early this morning to do some work, it was very hot so I was sweating buckets.......lovely!   I spent around 5 hours working on all aspects, I will do the same thing tomorrow before I fly to Dubai.
Friday 29th January 2010

Qatar 2RD 75+72=147 (+3)

Got off to a bad start again today +3 after 5 holes.   Andy, my caddie said going down the 15th fairway that I was moving way off the ball on the backswing then bellying it.   So I tried to stay more on top of it on the way back and I hit it really good after that and should really have been a few less as I had three serious lip outs.   It looks likely I will miss the cut by one shot which is frustrating but about right as I have struggled a bit this week.   We hit balls all afternoon, it feels great now but of course it's too late.
Thursday 28th January 2010

Qatar 1RD 75 (+3)

Three over par 75 today which sounds bad but it was very windy and I made a triple bogey six at the 3rd hole.   I was four over after five holes so to shoot three over was actually ok.   I hit it pretty solidly, even with my triple the ball landed on the green and got a wicked bounce right into a bush.   The course set up this week is very disappointing with far too much rough especially around the greens.   It makes it a lottery to get it up and down as all you can do is open the clubface, grip it really tight and give it a feel or touch required!   Having a good short games this week is no advantage.  

Great result for the Dons last night, well done boys!

Wednesday 27th January 2010
I played in the pro am at 7.30am this morning with three very nice guys.   One of them (John) asked me to sign a picture of him and I taken at the Winter Gardens back in 1999 when I offered anyone the chance of a photo with me and the Claret Jug.   The course is in fantastic condition and set up very tough with punishing rough.   The wind was strong today making it difficult to score.   The forecast is for more wind tomorrow.
Tuesday 26th January 2010
I flew from Abu Dhabi to Qatar this morning, the flight was only one hour which is very handy.   I went up to the course to pitch and putt for a while, it was very very windy so there was no point in hitting any balls.   I plan to go to the mall this afternoon to watch a movie.
Monday 25th January 2010
I played at the Dubai Creek this morning in the one day invitational pro am hosted by Al Naboodah, which raises money for local charities here in Dubai.   The teams consisted of one pro and one amateur, it was great fun and very well run, there's also a big dinner tonight in the Hyatt.
Sunday 24th January 2010

Abu Dhabi 4RD 66+70+72+71=279 (-9)

I played magnificient today from tee to green but missed so many putts.   I putted ok but just didn't hole anything.   I shot 71 to finish 9 under for the week.   Overall this week has been pretty good especially the weather which has been more humid than I remember.   I probably deserved a few shots less over the weekend (typical golfer)
Saturday 23rd January 2010

Abu Dhabi 3RD 66+70+72=208 (-8)

There was a little more wind today which made it a bit tricky to get it close.   I drove it magnificently today but struggled to get the ball close enough to score.   I shot level par 72 which is ok as it was definately tougher.   I thought the pins were tucked away which meant I holed very little, missing most on the left.   Hopefully they will all go in tomorrow.



Friday 22nd January 2010

Abu Dhabi 2RD 66+70=136 (-8)

I drove the ball very poorly today so to get it round in two under par was a fantastic effort.   I had a couple of three putts today but overall my putting has been much better.   I am now on 8 under par which is only three shots behind the leaders.   I went to the range afterwards and ripped every driver straight as an arrow (that happens a lot and is really frustrating)
Thursday 21st January 2010

Abu Dhabi 1RD 66 (-6)

I had a very good day today, shooting six under 66.   I played nicely and took my chances very well.   I struggled with the driver a wee bit but thankfully my irons were fantastic today (that's my Wilson irons, of course)   I'm just back from the gym where I have been every day and I'm starting to feel a bit better and I've lost nearly half a stone in the last two weeks.

abu dhabi.jpg

Wednesday 20th January 2010
I have been up at the course early the last two days putting in plenty of practise ahead of tomorrow's first round.   The course is in magnificient condition, the greens are quite a bit faster than in precious years and they have also grown the rough.   The practise facilities here are really good so it has been great to spend some time hitting balls and working on distances with the wedges.
Monday 18th January 2010
I flew from Jo'burg to Abu Dhabi at 2pm yesterday, the flight was 8 hours and I was sat next to a German guy who distributes Scotch whisky.   We arrived just after midnight and I eventually got to my room at 1.30am.........and yes, I'm now wide awake!   I woke up at 10am this morning and I'm now in the courtesy car heading up to the course to hit some balls.
Saturday 16th January 2010
Andy and I went up to the course early this morning to do some pracitse.   I had been hitting for an hour or so when I asked Andy what he thought.   He said it looked much quicker overall than normal.   I worked on building up the speed during the swing and started hitting it much more solidly.  They have a very good short game area so we worked away there for a while.   I'm going to go to the pictures this afternoon and then the gym again as I need to lose some weight badly.   The players buses get a police escort to and from the course this week as the traffic is horrific.
Friday 15th January 2010

Jo'burg Open 2RD 68+73=141 (-1)

I was two over 73 today on the shorter West course.   I struggled badly straight from the first tee.   It's a pity because today's course gives you plenty of chances for birdies.   Even as badly as I hit it I still missed a lot of putts.   I probably didn't expect much from this week but I would have liked to have hit it better today.


Thursday 14th January 2010

Jo'burg Open 1RD 68 (-3)

We played on the East course today which is a couple of shots harder than the West.   I played awesome on the front nine to be out in three under (could have been a couple less) then really struggled on the back nine (hit it well right off most tees) I did really well to finish with a three under par 68.   Overall three under was about right.   We had a lightening delay of about an hour which is really common here.
Wednesday 13th January 2010
I played the pro am this morning on the East course and it rained for the first few holes but it was then really hot and quite humid.   Both courses are quite long but because we're at a high altitude the ball flies around 10% further.   The field this week is very large with 208 players over two courses.
Tuesday 12th January 2010

I played a practise round this morning on the West course with Stephen Gallacher, Stevie O'Hara and Andrew McArthur.   The course is a good layout with quite a bit of length to it.   Some of the holes are very wet due to some heavy rain over the last few weeks.   It felt good to be out playing again.   Andrew McArthur and I managed to take a few quid off the two Stevie's which is always nice.   I hit it solidly which is encouraging. 


Monday 11th January 2010
I arrived in Jo'burg this morning, the flight was very smooth and I managed to get quite a bit of sleep.   I haven't played in South Africa for quite a while as the last twice  I had my wallet, watch and phone stolen from my golf bag.   Our hotel is right in the middle of Sandton which is a really nice area.   I will play tomorrow and Wednesday as there are two courses in play this week.
Saturday 9th January 2010
Marian and I had a meal last night at the Mill Inn with Alan and Val Reid and Murray and Lynda Carnie.   We are all walking the West Highland Way later this year so we wanted to duscuss our plan of attack.   Myself and the boys were at Pittodrie today to watch Aberdeen beat Hearts 2-0.   It was quite a good game with Aberdeen totally dominating the game.   I fly off on my travels tomorrow for 4 weeks with mixed emotions as I'm looking forward to getting back but not looking forward to being away for so long.
Wednesday 6th January 2010

Even with the atrocious weather conditions of this week I managed to practise everyday due to my indoor golf room.   I have been working on my leg action on the backswing and rolling my right foot instead of lifting it on the downswing.   I have been using a chalk line for my putting, getting back to how I used to putt a few years ago.   Everything looks and feels fantastic and I'm really looking forward to playing.   I leave on Sunday for Jo'burg and then onto the Middle East swing for three weeks.  

Monday 4th January 2010

Happy New Year

We spent Christmas and New Year in Dubai again this year, we flew back home on Saturday but had to circle the airport until is was cleared of snow.   We all had a great time and the weather was really nice.   Myself and the boys played ten rounds of nine holes.   We had a competition over the week (which I won by two shots....keep practising boys!!!)   I played really nicely but more importantly I putted lovely.   I have been working hard on the putting with Adam over the winter so it was great to see a few going in.   I have this week at home and then I play four events  in a row starting in South Africa.