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April 2013
Tues 30th April

I went up to the course early to work on the putting which felt a bit better and also to hit some balls with a glove under my right arm as my backswing was getting a bit upright again especially with the driver.   It was really windy so I headed back at lunchtime to relax.

Mon 29th April

I flew from Soeul to Tianjin for this week's Volvo China Open which I have played in many times over the years.   It was only a one and a half hour flight but it was pretty bumpy especially on landing.   I had a bite to eat and a pint of the black stuff in the Irish bar with the Scottish lads and Thomas Bjorn,  we also played pool with Davy and myself taking down Bjorn and Warren   ( Easy money )   

Ballantine's Championship 4RD 75+67+73+73=288 (LVL)

Another poor day on the greens meant I shot 73 today to finish level par overall which is soooooooooooo frustrating but that's golf, hopefully I will hole some next week.  I feel as though I hit a lot of good putts this week just didn't hole any.  The good news is I'm hitting it good so I just need to knock a few in and we're off    Huge thanks to Ballantines who run a very good event.


Ballantine's Championship 3RD 75+67+73=215 (-1)

We took 5 hours and 16 mins to play today which is an absolute disgrace but par for the course these days!!   It was a very, very frustrating day as I hit it awesome for 13 holes and holed very little.   I then made two bogeys and a double..ahhhhhhhhh   Its seems to have happened a lot this year but I feel very close to good things happening.

Ballantine's Championship 2RD 75+67=142 (-2)

Much more like it today with 67 -5 to be -2 total and safely in for the weekend.   We had 3 holes to finish off this morning then had another delay for lightning early afternoon so it was a very long day.   I hit it really good and putter was much better but still missed a load of putts :)   Yes yes I know stop moaning but its true.


Ballantine's Championship 1RD 75 (+3)

Just as I arrived at the course this morning there was a suspension of play for poor visibility which lasted over two hours so I didn't tee off until 3 10pm which also meant we were unable to finish due to darkness    Pretty much the same as it has been for months, I hit it fine but really struggled with the putter so with three holes to play I am +3 but to be fair it was cold and windy so no disaster but not ideal.   We have to be back in position at 7 30am in the morning.

Tues 24th April

The official Ballantines dinner was last night at the Hyatt hotel with 650 people attending, we had some photographs done of the players making cocktails   It turned out I'm nae a barman !! But I drank them anyway   Today I played in the pro am with 3 Koreans who were good fun and played nice and quick.


Mon 22nd April

I flew early on Sunday morning to Korea for this weeks Ballantines Championship.   The flight from Heathrow was 11 hours then another two hours in the car from airport then.  It's apparently over an hour to the course from the hotel which is unusual but of course no problem as we get used to travelling.   Its 3 am local time as I write this and have been up for hours.   The joys of jet lag I guess    COYR.  

Sat 20th April

We got home from the Masters on Monday afternoon and as usual I struggled with jet lag for a few days and also didn't feel great on Monday evening.

Wednesday night Marian and I attended a dinner at the Marcliffe hosted by Stewart Spence and the European Tour for 80 guests which was a presentation for Scottish Open and Ryder Cup events next year.

Marian and I drove up to Skibo Castle on Friday to have dinner and I gave a clinic for members on Saturday morning which was good fun.   It's always great to spend time at Skibo, it really is a beautiful place.

Masters 4RD 76+70+75+71=292 (+4)

Shot 71 today which is a decent score but missed so many putts again. The greens were much slower today which is odd as they normally get quicker as week goes on, I haven't played much golf the last four weeks so I suppose I can't grumble this week but I played so much better than my scores.


Masters 3RD 76+70+75=221 (+5)

I played really good today but putted awful all day then got completely kicked in the stones at the end, hard to believe I shot over par as had so many birdie chances but that's golf I guess just have to go low tomorrow.

Masters 2RD 70+76=146 (+2)

I hit it much better with the driver today and holed out very well with the putter to shoot 70 to be +2 overall and safely through to the weekend, we had a few heavy showers this morning and a bit more wind which made it tricky so two under was a good effort,  I wore my tartan breeks today after finally plucking up the courage..


Masters 1RD 76 (+4)

Today was probably one of the worst driving rounds ever.  I only hit 3 fairways today most of them high and right into trees. I finished up with 76 +4 which is very disappointing. Went to range and worked on a few things and hit it better so hopefully tomorrow will see an improvement.

Wed 11th April

I played the front nine this morning on my own which was good as you can go at your own pace the greens seemed a little quicker than yesterday, after lunch Davy took Michael over to the caddie hut to get his overalls on as he caddied for me in par 3 event this afternoon.

We played with Craig Stadler and Jack Fleck which was as always great fun. Mr Fleck won the 1955 US Open in a play off with Ben Hogan and he is 93 years of age incredible the officials wouldn't let Michael hit my tee shot at the 9th hole today as they said no adults were allowed to hit only kids but I noticed Rory's girlfriend was allowed to hit from that tee.  Pretty poor IMO but no problem Michael loved the experience and got to chat to Kirsty Gallacher on way to green.



Tues 9th April

I played 9 holes at Augusta on Monday afternoon then played the whole course this morning as ever the place is immaculate. Its always awesome when you get to drive down Magnolia lane when you arrive. We have Brian and Audrey Morrison and the Reid's with us this week which will be good fun and company for Marian and Michael to walk with.

I have been drawn with Thomas Bjorn and Gonzo for the first two rounds which is a good draw for me. I have hit it nice the last two days and feel the break has done me good.I pulled Michael out the crowd to skip it at 16 today which was good fun.

Thurs 4th April

Sorry for not posting many blogs lately folks but I've been really busy...... Monday,  Marian and I walked round with Craig and Michael at Monifeith to watch them at Scottish Boys they both won their matches which was great.   We then drove back up to Aberdeen as I   was filming a video on Tuesday morning at PLGC for our newest Foundation sponsor Powertee then I had meetings all afternoon before driving back down Tuesday night to watch the boys play their second rounds which they both won, unfortunately they both lost in the third round but it's all good experience for them. Today Thursday I played at Deeside with Craig and Michael which was great as it was a nice day and playing with the boys is so cool.......I love it.