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April 2010
Friday 30th April 2010

Spanish Open 2RD 74+67=141 (-3)

I had a very good day today shooting a 67 to be three under par for 36 holes.   I holed some putts today which makes such a difference.   This week I have struggled with my long game but when you hole putts it's such an easy game.   It was extremely hot again today with very little wind.
Thursday 29th April 2010

Spanish Open 1RD 74 (+2)

I drove the ball really poorly today, only hitting one fairway, so to shoot two over par was a good effort especially as the rough is very punishing.   I made two fantastic up and downs on 17 and 18 which will hopefully be significient tomorrow.   It was very hot again today which is nice but tiring.
Wednesday 28th April 2010
We are in Seville this week for the Spanish Open at Royal Club de Golf.   I played this morning in the pro am, the course is in fantastic condition and it's a very good layout.   I have been using the Dave Pelz putting tutor for the last few days which is really good for helping you line up.  I certainly putted better today.   I tee off late tomorrow at 2.40pm.
Tuesday 27th April 2010

On Sunday Marian and I got a lift out to Milton of Crathes and we walked the 10 miles back to the house along the Deeside Railway line, it took us 4 hours with a half hour stop at Drum Garden Centre for some lunch.   Philip McLean text me on Sunday night to tell me he had won the Edward Trophy at Glasgow Gailes which was fantastic news, we're all chuffed to bits for him.   Yesterday I travelled down to Kingsfield Golf Centre near the Forth Road Bridge to meet Adam, I hit some balls and played nine holes.   Adam noticed I was aiming the putter to far left at address and swing was too outside on the backswing with the woods.   Adam was looking well and it was great to see him.   We were all at the Sports village at night for Michael's training with the U11's team.


Philip McLean winner of the Edward Trophy


Sunday 25th April 2010
Marian and I met Alan and Val Reid and their son Logan in the afternoon to walk up Bennachie.   We started from the Rowan Tree car park, it was really windy at the top but worth it for the view.   We had our tea at Deeside and I was tucked up in bed by 7.30pm sound asleep.
Friday 23rd April 2010
I managed to get 4 hours sleep which is par for the course with a 7 hour time change.   Craig and I drove down to St Andrews, he was playing in the St Leonards school golf competition on the Eden course.   Craig had a day to forget shooting 88 nett 80, in his defence it was a horrible day...very cold and wet.  
Thursday 22nd April 2010
I eventually left Shanghai at 1pm local time which was one and a half hours late, this meant I missed my connection to Aberdeen by 5 mins (good job my middle name is 'Patience')   I am now on the 8.20pm flight.   I am looking forward to getting home, this has been a long trip.  I am taking Craig to St Andrews tomorrow, he's playing in a school golf competition on the Eden course.
Wednesday 21st April 2010
Seems to be light at the end of the tunnel!   All UK airspace open (music to my ears, indeed)   Andy and I played golf again today at Thomson Golf Club where we have previously played the BMW Asian Open.   The course wasn't in great condition but we enjoyed it anyway.   I putted on the back nine with my hands split apart on the grip, it felt as though I was releasing the putter better.   I gave Andy two shots a hole on the par 5's and one shot at every other hole.   We had a square game (Andy extremely proud of himself)   Fingers crossed that my 11am flight tomorrow morning actually takes off as I've had enough of it now.
Tuesday 20th April 2010
Andy and I have decided to wait it out near Shanghai airport until which time we can fly home.   We played golf today at Shanghai Links which is a Jack Nicklaus design course near the airport.   We hired Andy a set of clubs and off we went to play in a buggy with two caddies looking after us.    The course was magnificent and in fantastic condition.   Unfortunately the rain came on so we only played 14 holes.   I have hardly taken my eyes off watching CNN for some good news and here was me thinking playing good and putting poorly was frustrating.
Sunday 18th April 2010
I was back up to the course today for practise and more doom and gloom on getting home.   I might go to Korea now for next weeks event or go to Dubai to play and practise until flights get back to normal.   There are all sorts of stories and theories of what might happen or not happen.
Saturday 17th April 2010
I went up to the course early this morning and practised all day.   I started with short game then hit a few buckets on the range, I also spent a couple of hours putting on a chalk line.   British Airways have cancelled my flight to Hong Kong on Sunday night and put me on the Monday flight direct from Shanghai but the way things are we might be lucky to get home by Wednesday.
Friday 16th April 2010

China Open 2RD 74+71=145 (+1)

Surprise, surprise I played fantastic and putted awful!!   I've only hit three shots off line this week but missed the cut.   If that wasn't bad enough I now can't get straight home because of the volcanic dust that's covering Britain.....nightmare!!
Thursday 15th April 2010

China Open 1RD 74 (+2)

I played magnificent from tee to green this morning but putted really poorly.   I only had one single putt and that was from 2 feet for par at the 6th, which is very very frustrating as you can imagine.   I have hardly slept this week and I have a pretty sore throat.   I have also really struggled with the jet lag (must be getting old)


Tuesday 13th April 2010
I am in Shanghai this week for the Volvo China Open.   I arrived yesterday morning, I didn't sleep much on the plane as we flew out during the day so I made the rookie mistake of falling asleep in the afternoon which meant I struggled to sleep last night.   I played the course this morning, it's in fantastic condition and has some really good holes on it.   The weather is really cold and is forecast to remain the same most of the week.
Saturday 10th April 2010

Marian and I climbed Bennachie this morning, it took us about an hour and a half to get up and down.   We really enjoyed it, the weather was superb and the views were great.   I must admit my legs were like jelly getting up there.   We had lunch in Inverurie on the way home and I spent the afternoon at the house working on short game drills.



Thursday 8th April 2010
We were down at Old Trafford last night with the boys for the Bayern Munich game.   I still can't believe Man Utd are out after the start they made last night.   Our thanks to Harvey Smith and his team at h-events who did a great job getting us there and back, everything ran very smoothly.   We all really enjoyed it even with the final result.
Wednesday 7th April 2010
I played Deeside this morning with three of my Foundation team, Laura Murray, David Law and Philip McLean.   We had a sausage roll in the clubhouse and then headed out to play.   Only 8 holes were open but it was nice to see Laura and the boys for a game.   Laura was 2 shots ahead with two holes to play but finished bogey, bogey to let the old boy win by one!   I have changed the bets for this year, if they beat me they get 20quid and if I beat them they have to give me £1.   I play them individually so as they were all 1 over to my level, I scooped £3.   These games are great for me as I try like a bear and it makes it competitive but I obviously coach them as we play so hopefully they learn going round. 
Sunday 4th April 2010
Marian and I walked to the Duthie Park and back yesterday morning with Val and Alan Reid, it took us 2 and a half hours.   It would have been less but you're just got to have a sausage roll from the cafe at the park.   We have all been training in preparation for our West Highland Way walk in August.   I watched the Manchester United v Chelsea game at lunchtime and then we were over at my brother's in Cove for my niece, Megan's birthday party.
Friday 2nd April 2010
I have hit quite a few balls indoors at the house this week as the weather turned nasty again.   I drove down to Glasgow today to see Adam at Mearns Castle.   We hit balls for about an hour, he was looking well.   I stopped at Kingsfield on the way home to see Stephen Gallacher and to meet with the owner, Robert.   They have done a really good job there with some fantastic facilities.   Graeme Lornie popped over to the house in the afternoon to get his irons lofted and lied, I also had a look at his short game (house still in one piece, just!!)