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April 2009
Thursday 30th April 2009

Spanish Open 1RD 68 (-4)

I played good, putted good and my attitude was I guess it was a good day, of course apart from a bogey 5 at my last hole.   I wouldn't change a thing!!
Wednesday 29th April 2009
I played the pro am at 8.15am this morning.   The course is a great layout and in fantastic condition.   I was a little rusty today on the front nine but played really good on the back nine.
Tuesday 28th April 2009
I would like to congratulate BA as both my suitcase and my golf clubs made it to Barcelona on the same flight as me! I flew from Aberdeen to Heathrow at 9.25am and then onto Barca at 2.50pm, both flights were delayed and after 3 weeks at home it's back to the usual hassle of travelling.
Monday 27th April 2009

I was at Hazlehead today with Daivd Law, Ross Cameron, Philip McLean and Graeme Lornie to launch the  which takes place on the 7th June. Afterward we played 9 holes on the pitch and putt, Lornie scooped the cash.

First Group Mini Monster Fun Bike & Run

Sunday 26th April 2009
I watched Michael play for his FDS team this morning at Stonehaven, the game finished 1-1. It was a good game and quite competitive. Michael and I then headed to Deeside for lunch and to play 9 holes with my pal Colin Fraser. I have managed to do a lot of work on my chipping and putting over the last few days and it's feeling a lot better.
Thursday 23rd April 2009
I played at Royal Aberdeen today with one of my Foundation sponsors, Nick Robson of Thistle Windows and Conservatories, a pal of Nick's, Roddy 'the rule book' and Philip McLean from Peterhead. The course was in awesome condition for this time of year. I always enjoy playing really is a great course. Philip is really improving in all aspects of his game.
Wednesday 22nd April 2009
I played at Murcar this morning with three of my Foundation team, David Law, Ross Cameron and Graeme Lornie. We warmed up on the range which is really nice now and then played in beautiful sunshine and a very light breeze. I scooped the cash with a five under 66. I putted much better which is great news. The course was very tidy and in good condition.
Monday 20th April 2009
Adam Hunter was up today seeing my Foundation team and myself for short game work. He saw David Law, Graeme Lornie and Philip McLean at Aspire Golf Centre which they said was in great condition. He then came round to the house to see me and to have some lunch with myself and Marian. We worked on keeping my head more still while I putt and more inside on my backswing for high lob shots.
Sunday 19th April 2009
This morning I watched Michael and his FDS team win 4 1 against Banchory at Kaimhill. In the afternoon Marian and I played at Deeside in an adult v junior event. We played against Michael and Adam Black and were given a real hammering, the boys winning 5 & 3. The juniors eventually winning all but one of the nine matches. It was a superb afternoon and great fun.
Friday 17th April 2009
Myself and the boys have played at Deeside the last two days which has been great fun. The putting work I have done feels better, I have always watched the putter during the stoke which causes my head to move quite a bit but I have always putted this way. I have been trying to keep my eyes on the ball but it's hard to change something I have done for over 20 years, but I certainly putted better the last two days shooting 67 and 62.
Monday 13th April 2009

What a fantastic win for Angel Cabrera in the US Masters. He has so much natural talent it's scary. I thought the Masters was really exciting this year with easier pin positions and softer conditions. It was a very surprising last few holes from Tiger and Mickelson especially when they both had a chance to win.

I have played a lot of golf with my two boys at Deeside recently and they are both really improving.

Saturday 11th April 2009

I was over at Royal Aberdeen this morning to watch the morning round of the Scottish Boys Final. Marian and I then went to watch the first half at Pittodrie before nipping back to present the trophy to the winner, David Law. A huge well done to David for a fantastic win, I have been very impressed by the standard of golf this week at Balgownie. I would also like to say how good the course was at Royal Aberdeen this week, especially at this time of year.


Wednesday 8th April 2009
Craig and I were over at Royal Aberdeen to watch David Law play his third round match in the Scottish Boys Championship, which he won 4 and 3. He played really solid and controlled his ball flight very well. I have been spending a lot of time practising my putting at home. I noticed on the Sky coverage from last week that my shoulders were very open and the putter was outside on the backstroke. I led the greens in regulation stat last week which is fantastic but I just need to hole some putts now.
Monday 6th April 2009
Unfortunately I couldn't get home last night so I stayed at the Sofitel in Gatwick airport. I flew home this morning with my luggage which is a new experience! Michael and I hit a few balls at Deeside's new range building which is very nice and has been well done. I was in to see Gillian Mitchell, my osteopath for my weekly crunch.
Sunday 5th April 2009

Estoril Open 4RD 71+69+68+72=280 (-4) 7T

I didn't play quite so good today but still good enough to shoot much better. I shot 72 to finish 4 under for the tournament in a tie for 7th. I can't remember a tournament where I have played so well and missed so many putts but at the end of the day it's a good week....I suppose.
Saturday 4th April 2009

Estoril Open 3RD 71+69+68=208 (-5)

I played really, really good again today, hitting 12/13 fairways and 17/18 greens. I don't think I could have played any better. I shot a 68 to finish on five under for the tournament which is only two behind the leader.
Friday 3rd April 2009

Estoril Open 2RD 71+69=140 (-2)

It was very windy again today so my 69 was a good score. We were allowing 35 yards for the wind which shows how strong it was. The pace of play was again ridiculously slow with our round taking 5 hours 30 mins which is a joke. It is a huge problem for many players now taking to long to play.
Thursday 2nd April 2009

Estoril Open 1RD 71 (LVL)

I got off to the worst possible start by hitting my second shot out of bounds at my first hole and made a double bogey seven. After that I played really good and gave myself plenty of birdie chances. I hit loads of good putts today but holed very little but at least they were good putts. I finished with level par 71, it was very windy making it hard to score. The course is quite tricky especially when the wind blows.
Wednesday 1st April 2009
I played at 8.30am this morning in the pro am with three nice lads. It was lovely and calm first thing but as is usual here the wind picked up towards the end. The course is in good condition with some interesting holes although it really needs the wind to protect it. I play tomorrow at 9.05am