I was always more interested in football when I was a youngster.

The problem I had with football was if I played well but the team didn't I could still lose.

Whilst I know I wouldn't be where I am today without the continued support of my team, particularly Marian, what I love about golf is that I play as an individual.

I had no amateur career at all. There were two reasons for this, firstly I didn't play much competitive golf and secondly I turned Pro at the age of 17 on 1st April 1986.

Doug Smart the pro at Banchory must have noticed me playing and asked my father if I fancied being an assistant.

I arrived for work on that first day Doug darted into the back of the shop, reappearing with my 'new best friend for the next three years' - a hoover...

When I first turned pro my thoughts were to be a club pro but when I won the first pro event I entered, the Moray Seafoods Open at Buckpool my thoughts changed towards being a touring pro. My first big win was the Scottish Assistants Championship at Cruden Bay - I bought a new suit for the prize giving!

This seems long ago now as more than I ever dreamt about has happened. Winning The Open, being awarded my M.B.E at Buckingham Palace and playing in the 1999 & 2012 Ryder Cups are just a few of the recent highlights of my golfing career.

Throughout my entire career Marian has always been 100% supportive and is always there for me and I owe so much to her. She has always understood my career and as a result has had to deal with so much at home without me. Being away for the majority of the week is not easy yet she is always right behind me and I appreciate her support hugely.